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Yuuko Meets The Phantom! by imyouknowwho Yuuko Meets The Phantom! by imyouknowwho

Akihisa was moving around the hidden passage when he spot Yuuko and Hideyoshi's father threating harm to his new foster father the opera house's blind owner.
the man was trying at nothing to buy the opera house so he could knock it down and build a mall.

Akihsia growled and quickly figured out a plan he notice Yuuko and Hideyoshi moving around and looking around so he simple picked a twin and appeared through the cover of a smoke screen.

He then spoke ,"Hello Yuuko so nice to see an old face!"

the girl quickly turned and gasp to see the phantom behind her, "the phantom! How do you know my name!"

Akihisa laughed, "I wasn't always the phantom Yuuko. Before the FFF coast me my face I was Akihisa Yoshii. Now your father is trying to push this opera house's father into selling so he can knock down my home and build a mall. I get paid for my work here drawing in people! almost enough money to fix my face now then I let show you why I can't allow your dad to buy this place"

the phantom then removed his mask Making Yuuko shake and shiver as her skin paled. "Horrible isn't it!"

Yuuko was shaking. "I'll help!"

Akihisa smirked as he put his mask back on, "Now then follow me! we're going to fake your kidnapping by the phantom to get your dear old dad to leave the opera house alone and for him to give the money he would have used to buy this place to me! So I can finally have enough to fix my face!"
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June 14, 2016
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