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Yuuko Indigo Tribesmen aka Indigo Amazon! by imyouknowwho Yuuko Indigo Tribesmen aka Indigo Amazon! by imyouknowwho

inspired by my friend jctdragonwarrior's work here is Yuuko from Baka and test as a member of indigo tribe. 

and here's a small story for it. 

the man hunters gathered up rings form each Corp and by mistake blasted themselves in to the Baka and test universe were they started attacking. 

One army attack blast the manhunters holding the rings and lanterns apart and the rings went looking for wielders. 

Yuuko got Indigo sense the ring felt she need some Compassion in her life.  She calls her Self Indigo Amazon

blue went to her brother hideyoshi because him being signal brings hope for most of the school. Calling himself Saint hope!

Akihisa got red because of his suppressed  rage, making him a rude always mad mood rager, but as he suppressed his rage for so long he kept his mind and is able to make constructs.  He calls him self Raging red!

Yuji for his leaders ship got green. Calls himself Green lantern 

shouko got the star sapphire ring, scaring Yuji. Calls her self Star Sapphire

The FFF's leader got the yellow ring.  Calls him self Fear fester, he replace sinestro's  name with Fear in his oath.

and Finally Kouta got Orange because of his want of the ladies making him agent orange, but his more like the animated series agent orange, but more trusting to fellow lanterns.   Calls him self Orange Star! As Agent orange is already taken and he doesn't want someone else's name.

the new Seven lanterns stood together and quickly finsihed off the manhunter  invasion.

they were held as heroes but the world still fears most of them. 

Later on some how she and Raging red ended up in a relationship.…
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