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Wastelander Akihisa Yoshii Jr.! by imyouknowwho Wastelander Akihisa Yoshii Jr.! by imyouknowwho

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Now he Akihisa Yoshi jr is 17 and looks just like his dad, well he has his mother's hair and eye color but you would still mistake him for his dad. 

As he never knew the world before the great war he doesn't suffer from old world blues, and is a cheery boy. 

He speaks a little Japaneses but he isn't good ad it as mostly everyone in the wasteland speaks English.

He only learned it from his parents because Jr. Grow up on his parents stories about Japan the one land he will never get to and wants to know all he can about where his parents came from.

Jr. is also an adventurous boy    who loves to explore the wasteland with his parents and check out vaults, and he collects anything from Japan. 

Examples include his Katana, A weapon found in a crashed UFO it was from Japan so he kept it and it became his second melee weapon, his other being an Axe.

For Range weapon he use a laser Pistol and a normal revolver.

As most of the people in his town are mutants or sterile  there weren't many other kids around town, so he doesn't have many friends.

Family tree

Akako Yoshi Grandmother

Yuuko Yoshii Mother.

Akihisa Yoshi sr. Father

Hideyoshi "Aunt"

Akira Yoshi aunt.

weapons of choices blades for close range, and duel wielding energy guns for long  ranged.

Favorite Food "Radroach meat!"
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November 13, 2015
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