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Undead / controllable  Reaper! by imyouknowwho Undead / controllable  Reaper! by imyouknowwho
more for the everyone snaps baka and test roleplay me and a friend did. 

Now while Yuuko thought defeating the reaper would turn it back to a normal avatar she was far from it.

The first time it was summoned it reappeared as the normal reaper  now with the ablity to move around at first summon, and went to attack Akihisa, Some how still able to touch things despite Akihisa no longer being the  Probationary Student

It was the first ever fight between a student and his Avatar. 

So Akihisa beat the reaper, then it reappeared after it's defeat at his hands in this new undead form. 

The reaper was the embodiment of Akihisa's inner demons, so It's form always reflects this, It's undead form showing he is taking control and slaying them.

Sense Reaper lost it's life it appears as a zombie

It's nightmare sword is gone.

It only takes half damage from ever hit sense it is dead already.

It is no longer frozen when summoned for the first bit. Instead appearing weaponless in battle till it lose 50 points then it's scythe appears.

IT still has the ablity to transfer points. But now when bring fallen avatars back it can only give them one point. 

The zombie avatars now fight by using themselves as bombs that take away 100 points from any avatar caught up in the blast when they go boom.

Finally Akihisa summoning class symbol is no longer blank and has a Z. .

It now listens to Akihisa.

But the old  reaper is still there and if Akihisa has one of his episodes of panic fear or breakdowns mentally again while it is summoned Reaper will reclaim his life and return to his old self again till Akihisa is calmed down.
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March 21, 2015
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