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Undead Akihisa. by imyouknowwho Undead Akihisa. by imyouknowwho
this is from a roleplay I did with two friends.

in it's story Akihisa died in a car crash, and his father a doctor went made and tried to bring him back.

Fast word two months.

Yuuko and Hideyoshi took a summer job at this doctor's castle to help him with his work for 30 , turns out the doctor was Dr.Yoshi Akihisa's father. and his work was on a strange green slime he found.

He showed him how it works by injecting it in a dead rat, he then placed the rat corpse in a UV ray filtering cage, and in moments the corpse began to move making the twin's scream in shock.

the doctor then explained the slime reanimates dead tissues, when in a UV free zone. As UV rays are sun light all with the slime in them return to ghostly half life when the sun goes down, and die once more when the sun rises.

he tells them to lock themselves in their rooms when the sun goes down, as the castle gates are closed and won't  open till their 30 days here are over.

That night they didn't make it and the moving dead came out freak some stitched together from two species like the centaur, other's freaks like a raptor made by stitching muscles flesh and orangs on and into the dinosaurs bone so the slime would work on it.

the twins ran for their lives as the zombies only had animal instinct guiding them making them feral monsters. they twins then locked themselves in the library. only to turn and see akihsia who unlike other zombies was calm and relaxed, and didn't want to kill them.

akihsia went on to explain your memories go when you die so his father put this robotic thing in his mind that stores his memories so he can remember all the other times he has been animated, but he can't remember his life as a human she he doesn't know the twins anymore.

and so started the routine the siblings would face for the next 30 days helping a mad man make stitched together corpse that will come to life at night. and by night Akihisa helping them make it through till the sun comes up, while trying to figure out Dr. Yoshi's underline motives.

Now as a zombie brought to life by the slime when the sun goes up Akihsia dies, only to come back to life the following night, and like all zombies who die he is moved to a holding chamber under the castle by his father's robotic helper.

He has lost all his memories of his human life so he doesn't remember class f or hideyoshi, Akihisa also referees to hideyoshi as male now.

He is also smarter as a zombie then he was in life, haven been left along all night long as the only one of them who could think he countered his loneliness by reading. in the library.

Now the roleplay was rpg style as such they would have to find Akihisa every night, to get his help.

the place he can be found are his father's lab, the library, kitchen, and shockingly Yuuko's room.

and being a zombie or as he prefers to be called a "resurrected"  he has special abilities.

As his body is dead he feels no pain, and will remain alive so long as the slime is running through his veins like blood, so nothing  can really kill him. Being one of them the zombies leave him alone as such he can walk through their numbers.

He also knows the castle well and can find to get to anywhere and is a master of using it's secret passage ways.

being dead the limits on his muscles he once had in life are gone, giving him superhuman strength.

Resurrection every night Akihisa returns to half life.

being undead also gives him weakness.

feeling no pain means he has no idea he has been injured such as if he brakes his leg he won't know his leg won't work till he tries to move.

As he is dead his body doesn't deal so if he is harmed he has to stitch himself back together by using replacement skin,  and body parts. Like if he brakes his leg he has to cut it off then stich on a new leg to get walking again.

UV ray death is his mayor weakness, as sun as the sun goes up he does. he can counter this by staying in a UV filtering room, but if it's day time when he leaves the filter room he will like ways die.  
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so he's like frankenstein
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