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The Reaper! by imyouknowwho The Reaper! by imyouknowwho
Here is Akihisa's Dark avatar form finally snapped

 based on the everyone snaps fan theory. If you don't know that's a theory that states Akihisa will sooner or later get sick of how he is treated in class 2-f and lose his mind trying to get away, leading to him being smarter and crazy.

Akihisa friends all blamed him after they lost to class A, and left him alone on the roof, where he snapped.

In a moment of grief, lost sanity and self hate he tried to take his own life by slitting his throat in the home ed room, and just as he slashed his through Yuuko showed up and called 911.

He lived with a nasty scare over his neck, and very messed up in the coconut, seeing his former friends and sister as demons, Yuuko as his angel.

Yuuko becomes his state of mental well being, she is only calm around her. So She has to move in with him and help get him right up in the head. With Akihisa sister lone sense left upon hearing the news.

So he won't go anywhere with out Yuuko he gets to go to class A with her where his grades improve drastically from the good equipment.

His rapidly raising scores  and mental insanity, and the error caused by him being marked as both Class f(his class for the year) and class A (because they have no chose but to put him their)

mutates his avatar in to this thing.

when it was first summoned his old avatar appeared then it grow black wings which feathers covered it, the sighs in the summoning field then said error as he come out.

It's not just scary looking, it has the power to back it up, It's 25% taller then other avatars and has a strange power.

Sense a suicidal  person being the punishment master was a bad idea they shut down the pain feed back making an error where no matter how strong the blow is it only takes one point of damage. 

It's first attack is the nightmare sword, it takes a lot of hits and the damage it didn't take builds up inside of it tell it reaches a level and summoned his sword, which when  swung deals all the damage it didn't take to all targets it hits in that first swing's shock wave.

Before it's sword appears he can not move and is frozen in an error till it takes enough damage for the sword to appear and bring it to live.

After the swing the sword called the nightmare blade vanishes and is replaced by a scythe for normal attacking.

It also has the ablity to transfer points to other avatars even ones that's scores hit zero allowing it to bring back fallen avatars. The avatars brought back are colored in shades of grey with glowing red eyes fore bring them back with out  a recovery test or one of ironman's classes is another Error in the system.

the avatars brought back are called Zombie avatars because their class symbol turns black like the reapers. Till the Zombies are slain once more they will only listen to the reaper, by they once the Avatar of friend or foe, all zombies most listen to the reaper.

Also when summoned the symbol that appears is black and with out a class symbol.

finally the reaper can talk. speaking what Akihisa has long kept to himself, and telling Akihisa how wrong he is on things while it fights and brags about it's powers, For what controls the reaper is the part of Akihisa that is sick of life, the part that made him try to take his life in the first place. 

So his Avatar strikes fear in him, Akihisa doesn't sleep anymore because "It haunts my nightmares!" 

Quotes spoken by the Reaper. 

"NIGHTMARE SWORDSLASH!!!"*spoken when it's blade appears and it awakens*

*it's sword is replaced by a scythe after sword swing* "Now That I've been beaten Awake It's time to kill, Time for fear, for the Reaper is here!" 

All of this makes the Reaper a true living nightmare for Akihisa and any who face him.

 word spread  about how powerful the ultimate baka's avatar is all students challenge him! Even with losing lots of points calling forth his zombies in full one whole class room vs Akihisa battles it has only lose once and That was because Yuuko got sick of it's mouth and had her avatar finish it off from behind.

Yuuko thought once the Reaper lose he would return to being a normal avatar but she was wrong. 

Once Akihisa was done with remedial class they summoned him to see if Yuuko was right about it being normal again after death. She was wrong it came back with more venom in it's voice!

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March 20, 2015
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