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Team Rwby's North pole missadventures part one by imyouknowwho Team Rwby's North pole missadventures part one by imyouknowwho
may be it's to early but I couldn't wait. 

anyway with the holidays being around Weiss was in an even worst mood, it's a time for family peace  and caring and all things her father always removed form her life so the idea of her disliking the holidays by way of never having what matters most "a family that gives a shit" makes sense.

But she start bring everyone down so then in a moment a goat man named krampus showed up and stuck ear rings on Weiss ears and said, "I am Krampus the guy who is in charge of punishing the peoples on the naughty list Weiss you've been so bad, we over looked it for awhile thanks to your upbringing but you've taken it to fair. so as back punishment form now till new years or till you learn  your listen those ear rings will not come off making you a Christmas elf!" 

and next thing the rest of team rwby new they was shock and Ruby asking, "Weiss gets to met santa can we come mr. Krampus?" 

and krampus agreed as having the rest of them there would help Weiss learn while she never had a family that cared about her for the holidays before, she has one now, it's just not by blood. 

now form now till new years at longest Weiss is trying to keep her cool being made the shortest of her friends getting use to pointed ears, Blake acting strange around her, an ultra hyper ruby, and Yang's elf puns.

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November 3, 2017
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