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Takashi the hell Hellspawn! by imyouknowwho Takashi the hell Hellspawn! by imyouknowwho

ok in this alternate universe Takashi had a  new born baby brother/

while he date Rei, but a car crashed killed him and wanting to see Rei again sold his soul becoming the hellspawn. so years

Send six years in to the future ( the zombeis didn't happen till everyone minus rei was in their fourth year of highschool)  he finds out Rei was cheating on him with his best friend! 

so he sold his fucking soul to see a cheating whore again!  He then roared in rage!  He then  saw down below a four year old crying  to be picked up by his mother. 

That woman was Mrs.Komuro.  that boy was his six year  brother.

Wanting to see what his parents were up to sense his death he followed them in the shadows to see his parents removed anything related to him to sad to face it, so his baby brother Tai  didn't even know he had a big brother. 

 Takashi was pissed thinking of listening to that demon clown about taking his rage out of  people. 

then it happened at the mail his baby brother was kid napped by a child molester, and Takashi sprung into action and chased the monster of a man down faster then the cops could! 

right when the monster was about to touch Tai the man found chains rapped around his neck pulling him back and the spawn of hell behind him looking pissed and horrifying.

Takashi then spoke in  voice that could freeze blood. " STAY AWAY FROM MY BABY BROTHER!!!!"  that was the last thing  the child molester heard as the chains snapped his neck. 

Takash ithen removed his mask and said. " listen tai I know I look scary but my names Takashi I'm your big brother don't tell mom and dad you saw, me but ask them about me! "  He then picked the boy up and vanished. 

Tai was thne back in his room and ran out to his crying parents who held him tight crying a miracle had happened. 

And sure enough Tai did ask about his older brother saying he saved him.

That night while Tai slept to things happened. 

one  His mother  was praying to a picture of him thanking him for watching over his brother form heaven. How wrong she was. 

the second Takashi went in to his little brothers room and smiled with his mask off, " don't worry this may have been bad for me, but Dont' worry tai big brother will always watch out for you!" 

Takashi then left  to go  bust some criminal heads. For to night the city would begin to hear the legend of their new lethal protector SPAWN!!

and when the dead did rise, they were dammed!
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October 10, 2015
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