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Super saiyan Takashi. by imyouknowwho Super saiyan Takashi. by imyouknowwho

and here's a little plot bunny that won't leave me alone. 

One the run form them Takashi's group died as they came to this strange lab leaving Takashi alive by barely. 

When lighting struck it powered up a portal machine in the lab and Takashi feel through it landing in the would of dragonball in Bulma's back yard right after the Kid buu saga. 

He was dying and in a tempted to save his life he got a blood transfusion from Vegeta which altered Takahis'a DNA making him half saiyan.  (this lead to chichi videl  and Bulma using it to become half saiyan but that's another horror story.) 

Master roshi then read the young boys mind while he was still a sleep to find out were he came from and boy was that a shocker. 

After some long boring talk. Takashi accepted he wasn't human anymore and want to know about the dragonballs to bring his friends back!

Vegeta knowing this was now a matter of saiyan pride took Takashi under his wing and trained him. 

While training Takashi took up a staff for a weapon after all he was new to this Saiyan thing,  he need all the help he could get, when it was over he had the average saiyan powerlevel of 1000. he then set out on his journey. 

Meeting new friends and enemies, till he meet an andriod named 21 a back up of dr gero, Who had energy absorption to a higher level allowing him to absorb it from ki attacks.

Takashi was losing and growled in rage he came all this way he almost had all the dragonballs he won't lose he won't let his friends remain dead. He then yelled and became a super saiyan. 

With his new powers he overload 21's making it explode.  He then summoned shenron and wishes his friends not just his team, but his three friends hw odidn't make it out of the school back to life and to him, this took all of shenron's power sense it was in another world. 

But so he would have to wait a year to bring there families here, so he set his sights on Saeko in the mean time.

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June 21, 2015
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