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Shinji The Legendary Super Saiyan by imyouknowwho Shinji The Legendary Super Saiyan by imyouknowwho

here is a plot bunny that won't leave me alone so i had to do something for it.

Here its the basic plot of a fanfiction I might write it's a Dragonball z Evangelion crossover.

in this story after being absorbed by unite-01 Shinji's mother sent Shinji away to keep him away from gendo  and telling him why you know Gendo's plans to end mankind, rei being his mothers clone lilith being locked away in nerv base, so he land in the scared world of the kais.

As Brolly busted out of hell and went on a rampage their. 

with out having time to think or call goku Kibito Kai saw Shinji put one of his fusion ear rings on Shinji then transport and placed on on Brolly making the two fuse, in to a new half Saiyan.
Now sense Brolly was a mindless monster Shinji takes control over the new body only gaining a back bone balls tempere and saiyan pride. 

When Shinji first came two remembered all that he has been told and then brolly's memories hit him, He screamed powering up to super saiyan in a second. 

He soon calmed down, and old kai and Kibito kai sent Shinji off to the z-fights to train him and keep an eye on him incase he pulls a brolly and goes insane!

He fights using the eraser cannon, special beam cannon,  Dodo ray,  and the Dodohameha (hybrid between the dodo ray and kamehameha wave, fired using the index fingers on each hand) as his energy attacks, and from the kais learned their instantaneous movement, and like most of the saiyans he can fly. 

Now shinji is not a nice boy anymore, and after a trip to the hyperbollic  time chamber he is now 15 going on 16, and keeps dreaming of Misato. 

to the point of he tried to use use instantaneous movement to go to Tokyo three to see her, which made a mess sense he passed through hell by mistake and springed a few bad guys who grabbed on to him as he appeared in tokyo three, leading to him having a brawl against saiyan haters in the middle of the city. 

all Shinji wants is to stop gendo, fight in with the z-fights his new family, and have Misato. 
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April 29, 2015
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