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Shinji Ikari the Hellspawn! by imyouknowwho Shinji Ikari the Hellspawn! by imyouknowwho

sense it's October I thought something halloween. 

so here it is Shinji from EVangelion has a hellspawn. 

You see now after the dummy plug forced him to kill Toji, Shinji couldn't take it a quit, Seele didn't like that and had him killed.

In hell for killing Angels Shinji was offered a chance to come back to life! He then awoke as the New Spawn! His first action was to use his powers to bring Toji back to life,  and action  that was unknowningly record by Toji's family that went to visit his grave, just in time to see their dead  family member come back to life. 

they gasped and Shinji turned seeing Toji's little sister in a wheel chair  he felt sorry and was driven to fix his mistake so he  rushed over and healed her legs before teleporting   away  his actions on film making him big news as the masked miracle worker. 

Shinji then went to check on everything else, Asuka was absorbed by her Eva, Rei was rei and Misato was broken mess about to kill her self by jumping off a cliff. 

He then saved Misato and removed his mask revealing  his face most of it  normal but the right half disfigured into a horror, Misato then tearfully hugged Shinji starting a super sinfull relationship with the Teenage hellspawn.

then the next angel attack and Shinji jumpedi n to battle where the Angel blast of his arm only for as you see in the picture it to regenerate.

shinji then absorbed  the suffering grief and pain   of the people of tokyo three into his body to summon a massive hellspawn legion made from all the souls who died the hour of his death and Quickly destroyed the angel. 

After making the legion vanish Shinji saw a news crew where he  made the camera film him saying. "Humans know this, I am the Spawn of hell! A demon here to slaughter angels  and all they stand for! to Send sinners straight to hell! to protect  pure of heart who can not protect themselves! the lethal protector of all good humans!  I am Hellspawn but you may call me SPAWN!!!" 

He then Vanished  like a badass! 

Shinji had all the normal hellspawn powers but he is the strongest spawn yet, as his soul is stained with the blood of angels giving him more power, and the ablity to quickly recharge by absorbing the energy of negative emotions giving him placebo infinite energy.

thanks to the death toll of the angels attack that happened the hour of his death he also has a legion 7000 stronge, well 6999. toji would have been member 700 if he didn't  bring him back to life!

 Shinji does have his weakness.

one the Seele soldiers who  attacked him told him everything driving him insane!  while he does recharge faster  he still needs to take a moment to recharge after doing something big! giving him a moment where he stands still leaving him open! 

and his biggest weakness is his and Misato's relationship as If any man even looks at her lustfully he will attack them not kill them but jack him up making him appear as more of a monster then anything! 

Plus he will put himself in danger and do stupid shit to keep her safe leading to him being wacko! 
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October 3, 2015
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