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Rare hunter Akihisa! by imyouknowwho Rare hunter Akihisa! by imyouknowwho
here's a little story idea I need to get out of my head.

this is Akihisa Yoshi as a rare hunter!

after being kicked out of school because his grades were to low and disowned by his family  Akihisa Yoshi vanished.  No one knew were he was and stories fly around, abducted by aliens, living in the woods, or him dying.

but the truth is he ran crying into a den of Rare hunters and they notice on him was a rare card his only card so he was giving starter packs to make a deck with to duel, and shockingly Akihisa won easily.

so easily he was asked to join the hunters, and having nowhere to go he joined them.  Working his way up the Chain of command fast till within a year he was the leader and set out rules against cheating and brute force.  they would be hunters with honor only hunting the strong and claiming there rarest cards with both players betting one card each.

no one would have thought on of the biggest and most feared gang's leader was Akihsia Yoshi till the day one of the hunters brought in a fainted and sick Yuuko, who couldn't leave till they had something on her to buy here silence on there workings as she saw to much.

Akihisa plays a darkness deck that focus on removing form play monsters form the graveyard to summon stronger ones, his mightiest is the wicked god cards.
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February 4, 2017
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