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Queen Quww Mother of Atem. by imyouknowwho Queen Quww Mother of Atem. by imyouknowwho

another monster musume Yugioh crossover.

this time the mummy Queen Quww mother of Pharaoh Atem, upon her sarcophagus a shadow charm inside her covered eye turned on bring her back to life as a member of the zombie subspecies mummy shocking the would be tomb robbers who set her free.

upon awaking she was forced into the culture exchange program at first she protest being shipped off form her home witch she as the last living royal should be ruling as she put it, but then she saw yugi and the normally cold storng woman broke out in tears and hugged him.

she knew Yugi was her son's rebirth form the moment she saw him, pretty much blowing the lid on Yugi's magical secret, as all she would do is hug him and saw how sorry she died shortly after his birth and how much she wished she could have seen him be a king.

now in Domino she spends her time dueling ( by summoning tablets instead of cards)  trying to get the Egyptian people to hand things over to yugi as the pharaoh so he can be the first pharaoh to sit on the throne twice (shocking amount of support)  and to Yugi horror flirting with Joey

she also enjoys Minna's company agreeing with her chose of wives for Yugi when he becomes king  and speaks hightly of Rebecca Hawkins for her strength courage nad bravery and battle tactics 

deck type she uses resurrection.
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April 5, 2017
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