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Powerpuff girls z Akihisa Yoshi and Mr. Green. by imyouknowwho Powerpuff girls z Akihisa Yoshi and Mr. Green. by imyouknowwho

having been hit by Black z-rays Akihisa developed  a evil monster form and split personality.  Mr. Green.

the change is triggered by him feeling hurt by someone he cares about ( or sometimes worried about them) and when it happens he turns into creepy Mr. Green

Mr.Green's power are walking on walls inhuman agility leaping,  strength,  and able to lend some of his aura to another living being either to power up another monster or recreate the temporary monster effect of Black z-ray dust.

Weapon gadgets he makes and can store in his hammer space storage cape,  and his retractable wicked claws.

Mr.Green  unlike the other monsters has a Serious personality. while normally Calm and speaking in a creepy as hell emotional tone, and quick to point out the flaws and illogical tactics of others  he will spoke with rage when someone has hurt Akihisa making who ever triggered the change his target. He also shares Akihisa's feelings for Yuuko slash bunny but he's more of forward and pervert about it.  His feels will make him change to siding with the puffs if he thinks other villains may hurt Yuuko.

Mr. Green  will also shows himself to be the toughest enemy of the girls able to predict there moves and plans form viewing post video of there battles allowing them to quickly out move and out think them.

Notes Mr. Green views his time  out as mission to complete and when said mission is complete ( punishing the one who triggered the transformation negatively or protecting somone who triggered the change positively)   he will return to being Akihisa in a moment

one of the teachers once said, "akihsia if you had brains you would be a true terror"  Mr.Green proves this true.

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virtuafighter49 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2017
The summary sounds about right to me.
imyouknowwho Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2017
virtuafighter49 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2017
You're welcome. ;)
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