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Post capture Akihisa. by imyouknowwho Post capture Akihisa. by imyouknowwho

here akihsia is post Capture.  He was captured by the second batch of Quinx while drawing there attention from the rest of the group.

the new Quinx squad attacked Akihisa beating him on the street stabbing him with there Kagune and waiting for him to heal to continue demanding he hand over the traitor's location. 

then Akihsia's mask fell and he bite the throats out of the Quinx. and spoke " If you can't see your slaves then your lunch! I free you in death and your strength wont' go to waist this way!" 

Akihisa  then became crazier eating the new Quinx making his CR cell level rise to the point where he can barely  stomach food.

he then remains his outfit using scraps from the new Quinx squad's cloths put on one of there masks and left to find his group,  his cloths stained  red with blood and his hair bleached white by his over use of regeneration. 

after this point Akihisa Devoted a kakuja were he gains four new armored and bladed tentacles and a mask that covers his jaws it's shape and rows of teeth  making him look like a shark.  thanks to his status as a Quinx his Kakuja while making him a mindless berserker he won't target humans instead enough of his mind remains to target only those with high RC cell levels

His change also made him develop new strange habits.

one he carries sugar on him finding human food sour and bitter so he always has Sugar packets on his body covering food in it before he eats it. 

two he talks to himself now worrying Yuuko to no end.

three he brakes out in crazy laugher when in battle.

and Four when battling Ghouls he will try to eat there Kagune!

jctdragonwarrior Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2016
like it
imyouknowwho Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2016
thanks, how do you like the mask?
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