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Paradigm city Akihsia Yoshi Junior by imyouknowwho Paradigm city Akihsia Yoshi Junior by imyouknowwho
Akihisa Yoshi junior wants to be a negotiator like hi father when his older and inherit Big o when his father is to old to control it. he has a hard time making friends in the city. 

all the lower class people hate him for being born with a silver spoon in his mouth ( not tree his family wasn't rich till the paradigm corporation mission his father completed when he was six.)   and every one above him in class ( the people rich enough to live in the domes)  dislike him as he doesn't come form the domes. 

Junior is a kind heart boy who believes the dome clean air and light should be long to everyone and the tech shouldn't be hogged by the ultra rich ( leading to him having a dislike of the people who live in domes,  so he hates he most walk by them on his way home form school)   He's a loving big brother to his little sister. He distrust the military police as they never stop a criminal it's all big o driven by his dad. 

for someone born after the event  he is amazed by the past and wanting answers on the grounds of he wants to now what the event was and what it did to his mom and dad to rob them of there memories.
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July 17, 2017
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