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Nightmare family dark Equestria by imyouknowwho Nightmare family dark Equestria by imyouknowwho
sequel for this picture…

base by

as in the last picture ben and the main six had a run in with an evil twilight who was married to sombra and Ben was the only reason they won. 

to counter king Sombra and queen Twilight  took a baby ben form another time line used dark magic to make him there son inside and out raised him and gave him a dark magically corrupted omnitrix. 

Prince nightmare vile while being evil is always polite and acts like a charming prince something the ponies of this time line find scary that and nightmare won't attack someone who is down as he says "everyone deserves the respect of having died on there hooves with pride" 

in the picture you can see nightmare smiling at having mad his father Sombra angry while Twilight smiles on in the background. 

nightmares omnitrix in pony form is the point on his caller by hitting it he transforms into a corrupted alien. 

Queen twilight's crown is not the element of magic it's the alicorn amulet reforged  into the elements shape so it can be her crown. 

and sombra's new half mask crown hybrid is thanks to nightmare a battle between father and son turned heat and came to blows and Sombra following it growls in both rage and pride at the scar his heir gave him. No matter what Sombra tries nothing can heal it so he hides it. it only makes the ponies of this time line fearthere rulers even more.
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