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New California republic Akihisa. by imyouknowwho New California republic Akihisa. by imyouknowwho

here's a baka and test and Fallout crossover for you all.

one day Akihisa was abducted and frozen by aliens only to be dumped by them on earth in the most war ear year of  3589's wasteland. 

where he is almost made a slave till he is saved by A team of Republic rangers A ghoul named Jimmy brown, a super mutant named Marcus, and a robobrain named Brian who spoke Japaneses.

Where Akihisa's learns of the waist land thanks to Brian speaking his langue.  all the fractions warring for control of it that use to be. 

Right now their was two big ones the New California Republic who had engulfed Enlcave  and took their tech forcing the Legion and brotherhood of steel to merge into the new Legion of steel!

the multiple smaller towns or city states that weren't on either side were to many and to small to care about

the Legion taking weak humans ghouls and super mutants as slaves. 

Akihisa not wanting to die in the wast land goes with them and learns English and becomes a republic ranger.

Year  3597 Akihisa physical age 25. 

Akihisa has lost sight in one of his eye in the war between the Legion and republic for control of the waste land, Along with now having an replace meant spine from Big MT, and learned to speak English

   he has also  gowned the anti slaver group that saved him and found an old Face Yuuko. 

she had been a slave for a year not knowing how she got to the future only remembering waking up in a pod leaving her to wonder if it was aliens or was she frozen by humans, as she already knew how to speak English that saved a step

 Year 3600 Akihisa age 28 Yuuko age 21 

The two had began dating, and Yuuko had manage to get some of the smaller city states to join them including new Vegas, where Jimmy brown is reunited with his now nightkin grandmother Lilly brown.

Year 3602 Akihisa Akihisa Age 30, Yuuko age 23

the battle against the legion of steel  has come to the Capital wasteland which is now 75% forest thanks to Oasis's growth being speed up by Laurel's liniment being placed on Harold's heart. 

the Trees being a refreshing change and Tactical advantage, as Harold and Oasis has joined the republic in the war to keep them save they agree to have a Republic radio station set up around Harold that can only be picked up by Republic  pip-boys allowing them to track and monitor the movements of the Legion of steel and drive them out of the Capital waste land. 

Year 3607

Akihisa age 35 Yuuko age 28. 

follow the location of a working normal missile the Republic fired at the Legion's main camp, sending it remains to brake in to smaller splinter fractions that pose no large scale problems . 

the Republic now controlling, 75% of the waist land, and having truces with another 10% meaning only 15%  of wastelands are a danger, Slavers, Raider's, the mutant animal life and bandits still a large problem

Akihisa is awarded power armor for his service in the war.  He then use the rest of his war time rewards to buy a nice ring to give to Yuuko. 

later that year Yuuko and Akihisa married, and Settled  in a town in the Capital waist land that is surrounded by Harold's forest, planing on starting a family. 

 year  3624 

Yuuko age 45, Akihisa age 52 are now called back in to Action against remains of the Legion of Steel with their 17 year old Son Akihisa yoshii jr, as the splinter fractions have come back together with a large number of slavers, Raider's and bandits now armed with weapons and a base in the form of a drifting Japaneses Battle ship load with lots of Japaneses in suspended animation.

the hall repaired as when they found it washed up a hole was in the side where a pod drifted down stream Yuuko finally knows how she came to the waste land. 
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