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Mary by imyouknowwho Mary by imyouknowwho

Here is Mary, She was originally a form Lady green transformed into to keep herself hidden. 

But as Lady green mental powers fade it shattered Lady green's mind. In to Lady green, an unnamed girl who is never in control, and Mary herself. 

Once Mary became a split personality Lady green still had 100% in her normal form, and 90% over the Mary form.

But Mary being born of the good parts of Lady greens personality.( Her love for children, and the Professor.) She has some control over Lady green in the Mary form. 

She has this control by boosting the parts of Lady green's personality she was born from. To make Lady green a lot nicer in this form. 

Now as lady green's mental powers fade more Mary began to work together with nameless girl, to get more control. 

So while lady green Sleeps Mary can take over completely once a mouth, she can't use any of the powers but she can do some things like take some of the money from Green's drug ring, and put it in normal investments to bring in legal cash, giving Marry a legal fortune protected in the banks by a password only she knows.

Now she also has her own personality. She is in love with the professor,  Wants to give Ken a mother figure sense his mother is in space. And she loves the powerpuff girls.

Now in the story for Mary that's in my head, the professor finds out his wife cheat on him while in space. So he tried to killing him self by jumping off a cliff.  But sense it was on a night where Mary was in control she saved him. And tried unable to lie to the man she loved when he asked why Mary, "Little miss always giving to the children, miss perfect angel of the town" would be in this area at this time.

she broke down in tears unable to lie, she came clean of being a split personality of lady green, born of what was left of her old self and the good still inside of her, who only has complete control of the body for one night a mouth. 

Now the professor kept the secret and began looking for away to help Mary. 

Now Mary has two fates. One where she and nameless girl fully take down Lady green mentally while she battles the powerpuff girls z. And nameless girl goes away giving Marry control of the body for good.

In this stake her skin would be green and she would have Lady green's powers. She would end up the professor's second wife and Ken's loving step-mother.

Fate two she is destroyed by Lady green.  So post lady greens defeat professor morns the girl he felt in love with when he thought he could never love again. And Ken morning the closet thing he had to a mother figure in along along time.

Like her evil alter ego Lady green if you wish to use her in a fanfiction or roleplay you may, but if you write a fanfiction plus link back to me.
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February 23, 2015
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