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Lady Green by imyouknowwho Lady Green by imyouknowwho


In the world of Powerpuff girls z, Mojo jojo was working on a black z-ray transfer Machine. 

His plans where to capture the other monsters and transfer their black z-rays into himself to boost his brain power along with stealing all the other monsters powers.

He started with the gang green gang, but sadly for him a girl on the run fro mthe jobs broke into his lab looking for a place to hide and jumped in the way of the transference.

the machine overload the gang green gang where left normal humans, and mojo  turns back into a normal monkey.

but the girl was reborn as Lady green the first super monster.

With the gang green gang and mojo's black z-rays she has the following powers.

Mojo's Mechanical genius, allowing her to built machines, and come up with plans, and out smart the powerpuff girls at all most every turn. Sense this power came from a monster that was not human to start with it is fading, at a slow rate till it is no more.

Billy's super human strength, upgrade from the higher z-ray levels, Allowing her to Match all three powerpuff girls, in brute force.

Ivy's magic tough, but in reverse so her touch gives pain not pleasure. 

Grubber's shapshifting, Upgrade by the higher black z-ray level to be perfect. She uses it to morph into a normal looking girl she calls Mary. As Mary she appears as just another girl who's rich(thanks to her drug ring see below). S

Arturo's super human speed, upgrade to allow her to make one clone of her self by being so fast she's in two places at once.But sadly she most control her real body and the clone body at once as a mini hive mind. Which takes a lot of brain power, So as Mojo's powers fade, Her ablity to use her clone power and have it be a help fades as well.

And Ace's targeting skills, But she uses throwing stars instead of cards. the stars are made from her own Black z-rays and burn all if they hit some one with white Z-rays. 

The power she uses the most his Mojo's mental powers.  Which any plan of machine she comes up with is quickly written down to cover for the fading super brain powers.

the first thing she made was a black z-ray drug. Using a machine that would remove a small amount of her own black z-rays and place them inside of pills. 

Now making his drug would leave her dizzy for a little while while her z-rays regenerated.

But the Drug's effects are simple. Who ever takes it will become a monster, Or if a monster takes it they will get a massive power boost.

But the drug has two add ins. Add in one makes it so the drug only lasts five hours, after that who ever took it will return to the way they where before. Add in two makes them super addicted to it after taking it once, so who ever took it will do anything to have more.

Using his she has made a massive drug ring in under a week, With criminals and monsters alike doing what ever it takes to have another pill.

She gives the first pill away free to get people hooked. the second pill coasts 1000$. So the city's crime rate has gone through the roof with the criminals gone crazy to try and get the cash for another five hours of power.  

Plus she gives special pills that last long for only half price to does higher up in her drug ring. With her personal body guards having pills for free as long as they do what she says. 

But just because she has a large army of super villains behind her doesn't mean she's week. 

No in fact, Lady green is so powerful and so evil, she has replace Him as the big bad in town, in both power level, and evilness. 

in Short she is the ultimate enemy of the powerpuff girls Z!

But she does have her weaknesses outside of the fading super genius mind. 

 Lady green has a massive crush on the professor, And dreams of Seducing him away from his wife, and having Ken as her step son. (Her new super monster body and powers have robbed her of the ablity to have children her self.) 

As she can't have kids of her own she has a large soft spot for children, and will not fight in an area anyone under 13th could get hurt, she wil lalso some times save a child before going back in to villain mode.  

Her biggest weakness is her developing  multiple personalities. As her Z-rays come from so many different people, and she lives her life as fake good little miss Mary a model citizen who all ways gives massive amounts of money to things that help children(from her own spot spot for them. ) And Evil Lady green. Her mind is becoming more and more of a battle field as Mojo's powers fade.

Her personalities are Lady green. 

the girl she use to be, a normal criminal. 

And Good miss Mary. 

The strongest Personality is Lady green, but together Mary and nameless girl can match her in the mental duels for control.

If anyone wants to use her in a fanfiction or a role play feel free too. But if you write a fanfiction about her send me a link to it.
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February 23, 2015
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