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Kouta the orange lantern Aka Orange star by imyouknowwho Kouta the orange lantern Aka Orange star by imyouknowwho

same story as last time, I could get the symbol in their, but it's on his chest, and his pants are completely orange with orange boots. 

thanks to the Baka and test universe's laws of physicists being different form the DC universe's the orange light hasn't driven him crazy.

His personality has been altered to not trust noun lanterns thinking "they have no ring or lantern so they most want mine!"  but he trust all other lanterns thinking , "they have ring and power lantern so i most be able to trust them"

He is super protective of what he believes is his even his team makes.  He won't mind more orange lanterns as long as they have his permission to use the light. He even dreams of having a child one day to train to use the light and take over for him. 

He is always hungry. 

He wants Aiko to be his and have his child, to the point of even state, "aiko you will be mine one, day then we'll have seven little orange lanterns!"  

He is also the only color with a corp. as he makes Constructs of him self to help him fight, he can make about 50 construct copies who are able to fire off  energy blasts, and make energy shields. He calls him his "Placebo lantern corp!" 

As for his smirk, he is in class as even super hero's need to go to school, he believes showing that kind of moral will turn Aiko on. His smirk his thinking of Aiko and he and she's future baby orange lanterns.…
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June 27, 2015
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