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Good End Roman Torchwick! by imyouknowwho Good End Roman Torchwick! by imyouknowwho
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as with bad end Ben Roman was pulled in under the unknown villain's spell, along with some other  characters form Remnant.

under his false memories he became Town sheriff and a strict  law man (how ironic),  under the new name of "Rayman Lampwick" and under the three years of being there married a lady named Scarlet summer (true identity ruby rose again ironic for him.  He also gained a dislike of a troubled girl with two different eye who was mute (Neo) who he keeps having to catch.

now he was the first person in Talesend to regain his memories by hearing his real name said by mistake by a random person. once his memories came back he became sickened, with who he was. Preferring to remain Rayman, and fearing his wife would hate him if she ever got her true memories back.

he was shaking and scared but chose to do the right thing thinking Ruby would be happier remembering her family even if it means her hating him for it. having found the good ends who's job where secretly to find out the spell and brake it.

once the spell was completely broken he avoid ruby at all coast not wanting to see her hate him again, but luckily Ruby was touched that he had changed and done the right thing and didn't hate him, so he returned home, to hopefully figure out what to do now that everyone had there real memories back.

As the town had split in to a kind of civil war between people who want to go back home, and people who didn't (Like the people form words that where in an apocalypse)

and the fact the spell wasn't all the way broken making all of them unable to leave the city limits.  
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