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Family In The Wasteland! by imyouknowwho Family In The Wasteland! by imyouknowwho

another part of the baka Test Fallout crossover. 

in here we have a snap shot  back when Jr, was just four. 

they aren't really in the monster filled wasteland they are just out side the town in the capital wasteland they live in where someone with a camera took a picture of them for some caps. 

This is the only picture the family has of Jr, when he was little.

Also take note that akihisa's ash brown hair is gettign to be a lighter color, after all we post war monster everywhere and a kid the man is going grey
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jctdragonwarrior Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2015
gess Jr will look more like Akihisa then Akihisa does now sap with Yuuko's green eyes
imyouknowwho Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2015
 yuuko's eyes are green in the anime  I jsut couldn't get them dark enough with out looking black so they are a much brighter green then in the show. 

And Akihsia has faced war slavery mutants  and if you look back at Yuuko and akihsia's profile pictures you will also see Akihsia's spine is artificial so  Akihsia has his spine ripped out. 

All of that leaves scares and tolls on one's apperance, the biggest one  are scares ( which Akihisa has)  and going grey early.

I hope this answers all of your questions?
jctdragonwarrior Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2015
well are you gonna work on this crossover anytime soon?
imyouknowwho Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2015
sense you have been asking about it here is a preview

One Day Akihisa was walking through the park, to pass the time, little did he know the strange turn of events that were about to happen to him.

He looked around the park was empty no one around for miles Not one soul in sight so now one would be around for what would happen next.

Akihisa stopped walking when he saw a spot light over his head, and he looked up and his eyes widened as his skin paled.

Above him was a Flying saucer, and he was being sucked into it.

Akihisa screamed and tried to swim down out of the tracker beam and screamed, “HELP!!! HELP!! I DON’T WANT TO BE PROBED!”

HE was then pulled in side and grabbed by yellow skinned humanoid aliens with greenish yellow skin big black eyes in silver jumpsuits.  They then pulled Akihisa away kicking and screaming.

Akihisa tried to fight and screamed, “NO!!!! NO!!!! DON’T EXPIREMENT ON ME!!! I’M TO YOUNG TO DIE OR BE TURNED INTO A MONSTER!!!!!”  NO!!!! I WANT TO LIVE!!!! I WANT TO LIVE!!!!”

Akihisa was then through into a large tube thing that closed.  HE tried tears as he banged on the metal that trapped him, trying to get free!

HE kept trying and crying for what to him was an eternity before a white misty filled the tube.

Ice began to form on the metal as the temperature dropped, And Akihisa began to fall asleep, still struggling to try and brake free till he stopped and passed out and was frozen in place.

In this tube frozen in suspend animation He would remain, in a dreamless thoughtless sleep for over a thousand years.

Years when by down on earth as mankind began to destroy it’s self with nuclear weapons, the world was ending, While the Tube Akihisa was trapped remained unchanging aboard the alien ship.

Until Out of nowhere after untold years, but what was mere moments to his point of view, Akihisa awake! The tube’s door revealing the Alien ship now in ruins most of it missing as  Akihisa got up and saw daylight.

The Boy walked towards the light seeing a desert before him, Alien bodies all over the ground near the crash.

Not knowing where he was He saw two blasters on two of the alien bodies and he picked them up to try and protect himself.

Akihisa put the blasters in his pockets as he walked out into the desert covering his eyes with is hands, while they adjusted to the light.

He looked around for some sign of life. “Ok please don’t be some Alien world where I’m going to be eaten by horrible monsters”

He then stopped when He saw something in the distant and ran to it. He saw what looked like the hand of a statue half buried, it looked like an important human.

The base of the statue had a plaque it was written in English so Akihisa could only make out the date. “2067...I’m not in some new word I’m in the future, Those alien bastards froze me and crashed their ship leaving me stranded in the future in what I’m guessing is America. The fuck!”

He then continued to walk and came to a canyon as he walked through it he saw bones everywhere mostly human.

HE then hear screaming as humans in ragged clothing in make shift armor wielding  piece of metal pipes,  a sigh for what looked like soda, knives tied to a stick to make a spear, and other make shift weapons.

They face were covered there was like ten of them and Akihisa pulled the blaster out and began to shake, not understanding what they were saying.

He tried to Fire only for them not to work.

The Savage p people closed in on him, and when Akihisa thought he was done.  Help arrived   in the form of a large green hulk like mutant in armor jumped down, followed by what looked like a zombie with greenish brown skin, jumping down out of nowhere.

The Zombie, had on a brown button up shirt, red vest, old jeans cowboy boats and was holding two pistols. On his head was a cowboy hat which was white, his face was missing lots of flesh and the nose, and one eye.

The mutant dropped some kind of Machine.

The machine had a large metal drum like torso, on tank like treads. Think tube like arms that had three fingered claws for hands. For a head it had a tank with a human brain in it.

Akihisa screamed. “THE HELL!!”  He screamed it in Japanese so no one understood it well no one but the Brain.

The Brain in the jar then spoke to Akihisa in Japanese, “Stay Calm we are friends. You must have been defrosted recently   we get that a lot. Welcome to the post great war, that is a nuclear war, era year 3589. I am the Brian I am a type of Cyborg know as a robobrain as all that’s left of my organic body is my brain.”

Akihisa nodded along in fear.

Point of view change to Akihisa’s

I was told the green guy was Marcus a super mutant, and the zombie looking guy was Jimmy brown a Ghoul, a human who absorbed radiation and didn’t have to luck of dying morphing him into a zombie like being.

I found out the group who attacked me where slavers, and would have sold me into slavery, so what did I do? The Brain in the Jar offered me a chance to join something called the NCR, I took the offer after all what other chose did I have.

I found out the wasteland was at war. Multiple fractions fighting to control of the waste.

The brain didn’t tell me all of them, only the biggest.

The New California Republic, who had defeated and absorbed something called Enclave, and the legion of Steel.

The Legion of steel use to be two groups the Roman style slave owning Legion, and the mutant hating Brother hood of steal.

The two groups merged into the Legion of steal, who use humans and mutants as slaves to build their weapons and kill for them.

They say when they return cultivation all men will be freed and all mutants will be killed.

Anyone who owns slaves is someone I don’t like.

Point of view change to third.
Years later in the year 3597.

Akihisa was now physically 25, I say physically as he is chronologically over a thousand years old.

HE was grown, He had a scar over his right eye which was now blind.  He was dressed in a white button up shirt, brown trench coat with the miniature NCR flag sewn into the left part of the coats breast.

He had a red neckerchief on backwards so he could pull it over his mouth to use as a mask. He had black fingerless cloths, his left arm had a green pip boy, which he salvaged off a dead vault dweller.

He had on blue jeans, held up by a belt with an NCR buckle.  HE head on brown cowboy boas, on his belt were gun holsters that now held his working alien blasters.

Held on his back by a sash, was a protonic inversion axe, hanging off his left should was an ycs/186 energy rifle.

He was walking with the group who saved hi mall those years ago his friends.

They were on a Canyon ledge, Marcus was loading his Minigun. Jimmy was changing the cells in his new watt 100 laser pistols.

Akihisa himself was cleaning his rifle, with a rag, for a moment before he thought he heard something and put the rag into his coat pocket and looked through his rifle’s scope using it as a telescope to see lower in the Canyon.  

To see a group of People in roman style armor with a symbol on the chest plate. The Symbol was a bull with a sword over it, this was the legion of steals symbol!

There was 20 in the group, leading a group of ten humans in rags who were in chains, their rags were backless showing the symbol burned into their backs marking them as slaves.

Akihisa growled, in anger.

Jimmy then spoke up puzzled, “what’s up Akihisa?”

Akihisa turned to the ghoul and spoke in English, “You know who’s with you know whats!”
Marcus grabbed his Minigun and said, “Such evil cannot be left unpunished.”

Brian then spoke up with his hands in the air, “Hold on guys, I know we’re part of the slavery prevention, and slave freeing division, on a mission for it. But this are legion members fully armored, combat trained with lots of human shields we can’t rush into this.”

At that moment Akihisa fired his energy rifle killing one of the Legions members as he slide down the Canyon ledge down and let his rifle hand as he pulled out his blasters.

Marcus smiled grabbed Brian and jumped down saying.  “I Have I told you I like your style lately Akihisa?”

Akihisa pulled is neckerchief up making a mask as he began firing on the Legion members with ranged weapons, “Yes, but please do continue, Big green.”

Jimmy then readies his weapons and slide down the edge saying, “HERE I COME SIS, AND GRANDMA LILLY!!”

On the way down Brian said, “I am the brains of this group, it’s all I’m good for and no one got dam listens!”

Akihisa fired a Shot killing the last Legion member with a ranged weapon, as he side stepped a swing form one legion members blade of the East.

Akihisa holstered one of his blasters and drew his Protonic inversion axe and cut of the sword swinging legion of steel member’s head off. “He love you Brains but, it’s a wild wild, Wasteland and your ideas just aren’t cowboy enough”

A Legion of steel member with a Shishkebab then tried to cut him with the flaming blade and Akihisa Moved out of the way and used his out blaster to shot through the legion members’ stomach and at the cuffs of one of the slaves freeing one of them.

The freed slave ran, as Brain used his claws to cut off the chains of two more, “You need to stop watching those old holadisk westerns Akihisa!”

Akihisa swung his axe cutting off a legion members arm and freeing another slave of his shackles.  Four out of Ten now freed.

Akihisa then saw a girl crying scared with brown hair and green eyes she looked to be about 18, he know this girl. Akihisa lowered his neckerchief to show his face and for the first time in years spoke in Japanese “Yuuko?”

The girl spoke back in Japanese, “Akihisa?”  This was Yuuko Someone Akihisa knew before the alien abduction changed his life.

Akihisa was so stunned he didn’t pay attention as an legion member was about to use a battle axe to cut of his head, Till Marcus grabbed the legion member by the head saving Akihisa.

Marcus through the Legion member away saying “Akihisa snap out of it!”

Akihisa then did and used his Axe to Free Yuuko of her shackles.

Later on at the groups Camp Akihisa was sitting by the campfire with Yuuko talking with her, in English as she knew it before all this happened.

Akihisa was in Shock, “How did you get to the future?”

Yuuko shrugged, “I’m not too sure, I mean one minute I’m being rushed to something called a vault. You see me and a lot of other volunteered for this project for extra credit.”

Akihisa then cut her off as he pulled a cigarettes out of his shirt pocket. “That’s where you went wrong. You see while I can’t speak for Japans vaults the ones here in the former USA, were really for social experiments using unknowing people as genie pigs. Most likely you were frozen in proto suspended Animation tech, leading to your memory lost as I hear old models had that problem.”

Akihisa then lit his Cigarette in the campfire and began smoking.  

Yuuko crossed her arms, “Ok well after that I woke up and was grabbed and spent the last year as a slave. You?”

Akihisa blow out smoke and said, “The aliens who abducted me and froze me crashed their ship and I defrosted, I can’t say if I woke up when shortly after the crash or I it crashed and I slowly melted out. But then I was attacked by slavers and tried to use alien blasters which I found out need new batteries too late to protect myself but I was saved and joined the group who saved me.”

Yuuko blinked, “aliens? You expect me to believe that? I mean mutants yes as I’ve seen them.”

Akihisa then pointed over to a cliff where part of a semi buried UFO could be seen, a dead rioting body of an alien clearly visible and Yuuko paled.

Akihisa took another puff of his cigarette. “The Big headed Fucks can’t fly! They crash so often it’s common knowledge they are real. We just didn’t know before the war as governments clearly covered them up quickly. The conspiracy theorists   where completely right.”

HE then blow out smoke, “And before we head back to base tomorrow your taking a quick look in there, My alien tech blasters need some new energy cells mine are almost dead.”

What looked like a giant mosquito, known as a bloodbug then flow bear the fire, where Akihisa Quickly pulled a blaster and shot it in the chest making it fall into the fire and die painfully in flames fuelling the fire.  

Yuuko’s eyes widened, as the Thinks panic buzzes of pan slowly stopped showing it was dying and when it was dead, Akihisa blow out some smoke and said. “Well that was lucky.”

HE then pulled out his Protonic axe and cut off a piece of the burning bug and spiked it on the handle and blow out the flames, the large piece was of the leg, he then dropped his cigarette and cracked open the leg.

Yuuko’s eyes were growing wider, “you are not about too..”  Before she could finished her sentence, she turned green as Akihisa began to eat the bug meat. “GROSSS!!!”

Akihisa smirked, “don’t knock it till you try it.”

With That Said Yuuko’s stomach growled and she looked pale. “So gross but I have to eat something!”
imyouknowwho Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2015
when my new computer gets here next week.
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