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Evangelion  rise of the green moon! by imyouknowwho Evangelion  rise of the green moon! by imyouknowwho
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After third impact and the world returned to mostly normal Shinji was gone so Misato searched for years looking for him Four in fact till one night a green full moon rose and she found him now 18  with demonic wings and red eyes.

for you see after third impact shinji was captured and brought to hell by true demons real monsters who want the killer of angel on there side so they made Shinji in to one of them and tried to brake him farther to make him a weapon but no it made Shinji mentally stronger and he broke free!

finally making it to earth to worn misato about the demons rise moments later five giant demons entered the world.

after third impact all evangelion units (zero to 13) where trapped in stone crosses asleep( With mass production units taking on new forms.)   Shinji soon showed Misato they can be reawakened he touched unit-o1's trap freeing it and bring it to life!  so the battle started.

the demons coming from another dimensions weaken  the vail between there world and others making things and place form other words enter.

now shinji leads the charge against the demons beside his old friends and some new ones

why are the demons attacking earth? why are they only coming in small place to Tokyo-3?  simple to them it's a game and part of the fun will be doing what the angels couldn't destroy Tokyo three defeat the EVangelions and beat the angel slayer.

thanks to his new demonic powers Shinji is so connected to eva-01 he is able to teleport it to him for combat. His powers also grand the purple organic death machine wings for flight and the power to summon a pitch form that is able to fire off fireballs
DSX62415 Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, demon mode Shinji. This so needs to be in the final rebuild movie. Just give him bigger versions of those wings using the wings of light and keep his glowing red god mode eyes, and he could easily get even with all who have wronged him, Beerus style.
imyouknowwho Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2017
thanks but this is an idea for a possible mass crossover where Shinji would be stuck as a demon for good  you can see more pictures related to the idea in the mecha series related folder in my gallery if you like 
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