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Dark signer  Akita by imyouknowwho Dark signer  Akita by imyouknowwho
In the Yugioh world the Nazca lines are seals trapping the earth bound immortals  who through storing there power can brake free once ever 5000 years.  The immortals need a mortal vessel so they make deals with people who died to restore them to live as the immortals servant a dark signer. 

brand with the immortals mark this dark signers face off against the normal signers( and there dragons)  to decide the fate of the world.  the dark signers never won but  they did earth would be come a hellish landscape  for 5000 years till the singer dragons would brake free form the Nazca lines as those are the rules of this war games. 

losing monster group are trapped in the lines for 5000 years and winners get to do what ever they want to the earth for that time.  

when a dark signer lose in a shadow game they vanish back to the land of the death. But a dark signer may be brought back to life my the signer dragons as there old mortal selves depending on how pure of heart they where before they made the deal.

i'll leave the identity of this dark signer a secret for now as I plan on it happening in a soon to be post fanfiction.  but take not of his arm brand with the mark of the Nazca line dog, to know witch line he is connected to it's name is Iupu Qhapaq  a beast type demon.
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