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Code RWBY by imyouknowwho Code RWBY by imyouknowwho
Just a random idea that popped into my head.

Now the idea is  while the anti-virus program was destroying X.A.N.A he sent some of his code away using an activated tower to save apart of himself.
Now as computer on earth would be safe he sent it to another world by transmitting the code as beam off In to space.

before long the X.A.N.a fragment picked up enough unearthly energies to mutate into it's own self aware digital entity. Titling it's self X.A.N.A ii of xana junior.

But self aware or not it couldn't do anything let along avenge it's "Father"  as a beam traveling through space it need to hit a computer system to reformate back into data and return to earth.

He found it when his beam self hit beacon's main tower, now on Remnant and in beacon's system X.A.N.A ii took time to absorb a virus in the system to learn about this world, before making a small virtual world complete with one tower to warp it's self and the tower to the earthly internet. Sadly Team Rwby were to close when he did it and got pulled to earth, and found themselves in Lyoko.

Xana ii's tower having forced the super computer back on and triggered the activate tower alert, the Lyoko warriors showed up and shockingly team rwby was able to understand French and had some info on earth download into there heads by mistake by the transport.

Now connect to the super computer Xana junior destroyed his make shift tower and activate a real one in the desert sector and began making new monsters based off the creatures of grimm.

And not to look a gift horse in the mouth while in Lyoko, X.A.N.A took the time to connect himself to Team rwby so if he went off line, they would go with him, to keep the heroes form turning off the super computer which he had find himself stuck in.

And now a new chapter started with a battle for two worlds where humans live.  
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November 24, 2016
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