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Chiyo  the Duelist? by imyouknowwho Chiyo  the Duelist? by imyouknowwho
here is a picture for a possible fanfiction.

After the dark side of dimensions Yugi final thought he had peace with highschool behind him and no world ending bad guys around, But when his parents chose to adopt a little girl who's parents vanished with out over seas his life changed.

yugi tried to bond with his new little sister but she thought duel monsters was stupid but that all changed on night when she was kid napped by a man with blue skin and horns

Yugi quickly found himself in another shadow game against a literal demon who want to pharaoh's power.

the Demon explained that part of the pharaoh's soul was not put into the puzzle and was reborn as yugi, and by winning the shadow game he would absorb Yugi's soul and sacrifice Chiyo to try in the pharaoh's soul form the after life to gain his power!

Yugi barely managed to pull out a win and the demon's soul was destroyed and offered for his ritual which made the pharaoh's soul return and merge with Yugi Making Yugi the complete reincarnation of the pharaoh.

Symboled by the puzzle appearing around his neck.

After this night Chiyo was left confused and yugi's answer didn't help much

Chiyo was scared so she asked yugi to teach her how to duel so she can protect herself.

and with Yugi's help Chiyo quickly began to enjoy dueling and became good at it.

Yugi then found himself on another adventure guide by the puzzle against evil force this time by his side was his little sister Joey, Kaiba and Rebecca, with the rest of the old gang having moved on.  

Chiyo's ace card is metamorphosis

using metamorphosis in combos involving.

brain control to take an enemy monster  then before she ends her turn using metamorphosis to trade it in for a fusion monster  so she still has a monster and her enemy doesn't.

using it to trade her monsters for stronger ones or trade in trapped monster for usable ones

she also use it in combo with physical double ( summons a token with the atk def level type and attribute of one monster on your opponent  side of the field at your choosing, token is destroyed at the end phase )trading the token it summons in before ending her turn so she still has a monster.

she also focus heavily on defense  and uses the field spiel Corus of sanctuary to post all of monster's defenses   

Chiyo also found out fast she has a connection to the ancient past and the pharaoh  


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January 6, 2017
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