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Big Brother Ben little sister crona. by imyouknowwho Big Brother Ben little sister crona. by imyouknowwho

fanfiction idea

In it Paradox sent Ben to the soul eater world with skurds midway through the time war, because they need a hero. 

they quickly became big news as the weapon and meister  from another world. 

Skurds became buddy buddy with Ragnarok because they where both blobs. and sense Skurd can't eat souls when he got one he gave it to someone else.

Kid freaked out over the omnitrix only being on one of ben's wrist and had an ocd fit when ben transformed into alien form with was symmetrical, unable to handle something asymmetrical leading to something being symmetrical.

Soul didn't react saying " cool guys don't freak out over aliens."

Crona at first didn't know how to deal with aliens, but after medusa came back and ben saved her she started seeing him as a big brother. Part of this was because medusa kidnapped crona and was going to remove her memories so she would work for her again. that's right Crona's a girl here.. 

But back to topic ben saved her but crona lost 95% of her memories and simple started believing ben was her real big brother. 

Black star didn't like ben because he saw him as stealing his thunder, and after seeing alien x he had it and tried to kill him. Black star went full on evil human and had to be put down. 

He started dating Tsubaki. 

Maka always bugs ben with questions about space and aliens as it's coming straight from the fishes mouth with him. 

Lord death is always puzzled with Ben around as the things his able to do go against  what he's learned in his thousand of years of life

Liz runs screaming when Ben turns into Frankenstrike, Ghostfreak, Whampire, Snare-oh,  Blitswolfer, or jury-rig

Spirit like Ben and finds him funny, and has been trying to get Maka to reconnect with him as he put it. "you only have one father Maka, when he's gone he's gone. Sure he made a horrible mistake, but everything that's smart enough to care about anything makes mistakes, Be they human alien or demon. So why not just forgive him after all Maka when he does go wouldn't you have rather had your father in your life, or could you live with having always pushed him away till it's to late?"

Stein is making a list of aliens he would like to cut open!

Blair goes fan girl over Rath!

Patty keeps asking him to turn into bloxxs. 

and that's pretty much the idea 
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jss2141 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2017
PLEASE tell me this is one of you're stories!
imyouknowwho Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2017
sadly this is just concept  that didn't really take off. so no but I do plan on making crona as ben's daughter happen as a story 
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imyouknowwho Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2015
 Crona's gender was never officially conformed he was only used in the anime as it was better then calling crona an it! 
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August 23, 2015
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