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Baka To Alien Akihisa Yoshii. by imyouknowwho Baka To Alien Akihisa Yoshii. by imyouknowwho
This is Akihisa as he appears in a new mass crossover fanfiction…

If you couldn't tell the first crossover is ben10. In the first chapter he meets a crash landed Azmuth who's being chase by robot drones.  Second crossover is with To love ru where Lala lands on him while he was taking a bath.

To fight back Azmuth gave Akihisa the Omnitrix, and his low Iq Allowed him to embrace his alien forms instincts, giving him a great deal of skill in his alien forms from the get go.

But Azmuth still told him which aliens to become in the fight. Now he has the little grey alien staying at his house till he can find away home.

And it's a harem story , conformed members Lala, Yami, yuuko, Yuuka Himeji and Minami,

 so This whole hero thing is going to work out of our Favorite baka? 

You can see his omnitrix on his right arm the fingerless glove his part of it so even though it looks pretty simple it's a lot harder to hid from people, then ben10's canon one.


Akihisa's omnitrix does not have a scan mode. So if he wants to  put a new alien inside of it Azumth has to upload the Dna into the watch wireless through a computer with a link to the Omnitrix software.

He also can not unlock Aliens one at a time. When he unlocks something it's a new playlist of ten aliens Meaning his omnitrix is fast o fill up with aliens he ever turned into. so he will become quick to change into the new aliens to get use to them, before he gets himself killed. 

His Omnitrix has no master control for Azmuth made it in a time of cosmic war so he had to simple out his original plans. It is also for this reason it has no quick chance. But hitting the green hourglass will still end the transformation. So if he needs to change aliens he has to hit the hour glass to become human again then transform again.

Sense it was built in war times many of his aliens have solider like outfits. 

Azmuth and his grandmother use to date.

He only has 50 aliens.

Finally He will end up looking up to Azmuth like a father figure. Like wise Azmuth starts to think of Akihisa as the son he never had.
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January 21, 2015
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