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Bad End Ben ten! by imyouknowwho Bad End Ben ten! by imyouknowwho

based on the tv series once upon a time.

here a villain chose to pull heroes and villains form multimedia plats forms (cartoons comics manga anime, video games you name it)

and brought them to a make town called tailsend.
the man villain gave fake memories that alter everyone and if there powers came form equipment they lost it.

So with fake memories and no omnitrix Ben became a teenage punk age 19 looking for away out of the Tailsend, but then one day a boy showed up and figured it out and started restoring people's memories.

to keep to character in line the bad guy decide he would go with the towns less then nice people and give them there powers back, but no memories.

with the false memories, and no armed with an omnitrix Ben became part of the group called the bad ends!  Bad End Ben ten quickly became the leader having been promised a way out for stopping the hero and the group dubbed the good ends.

now once the bad guy was beaten and everyone got there memories back Ben returned to his real heroic self but feeling shame for being so easily manipulated and feeling self hate about his time as bad end ben.

While he was bad end ben  he gave his aliens villain's name.

Like heat blast became "Pyro lord!"

four arms became "Asura!"

Upgrades "technomancer"

Stinkfly "Monster-fly"

ripjaws "gill-man"

Greymatter "the Gremlin"

Xlr8 became "speed-demon"

Ghostfreak "Specter"

Wildmutt "hellhound"

diamondhead "spike"
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