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Albedo plus Akihisa equals Alkihisa by imyouknowwho Albedo plus Akihisa equals Alkihisa by imyouknowwho
meme base…

Ok as for story wise this could happen with Albedo trying to restore his transforming powers with a new copy omnitrix then trying to get out of range by universe hopping so he can reset his to base. 

But as everything Albedo does backfires on him instead of getting out of range he arrived and hit some random guy when he entered the new universe. the new Merged Being Alkihisa as he dubbed himself was created. 

alkihisa still goes by Akihisa as he looked like him the most and everyone thinks he's just akihsia having died his hair and using contact to change his eye color like a rebel. (something to be said for the stupid of the baka to test universe.)  

Alkihisa mostly has the kind happy go lucky idiot Akihisa's personality with Albedo's distaste for stupid and  the galvan's intelligence . So while he smiles and waves at the Class he is in's actions on the outside on the inside he's screaming at there idiotic actions dreaming of using his omnitrix to smash there heads in but he won't as that would mean he would be hunted and his smart enough to know that won't end well for him.

Alkihisa also finds himself attracted to the class a girls for there intelligence, Aiko he is attracted to the least as she behaves like an idiot, and the one he's most attracted to is Yuuko as she has a twin and the memories of having lost identity by sharing a face form his albedo side can relate.

Alkihisa's watch is a copy omnitrix  he does not have the ultimates. 
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Cool! 👍
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