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Akihisa the pahntom of the Opera by imyouknowwho Akihisa the pahntom of the Opera by imyouknowwho

After a beating from the FFF gone horrible Wrong Akihisa was left with have his face horrible disfigured. he was in the hospital begging his parents to pay for the plastic surgery that could fix his face.

his parents refused saying "you've been enough of waste of money with your school work! you want your face back get the money your self!"

at that point Akihsia ran away from home till he came upon a failing opera house in  the middle of a rain storm

the place owner being blind treat Akihisa like a person instead of a freak as he could see his face. So Akihisa crafted a mask out some stage product and began to secretly live in the opera house with the owners permission.

soon the house began to speak about a strange masked man who vanish and appears anywhere. no one believed him till Akihisa was on the rafters watching an opera and by mistake knocked a light down on to the stage making all turn to see him in his mask and out fit they dubbed him the Phantom of the Opera and he quickly vanish true the house secret passages.

At first Akihisa was worried his bungle would harm the house but no it boosted it there were people coming in asking if they could pay to try and find the phantom.

the house was doing better so the place owner Akihisa new foster father thanked akihsia and gave him the money of the people coming to look for them.

and this began Akihisa new job.

He would pull a small prank while an opera was going appear then vanish to pull people in all the while getting paid, hoping to save up for some plastic surgery to fix his face.

Till one day a man came in to try and buy the house with his twins children.

The twins names  Hideyoshi and Yuuko.

Now Akihisa isn't completely in his outfit in the picture missing are his white glove high collared cape, dress hat and cane. 

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i like it 
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