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Akihisa  the Specter by imyouknowwho Akihisa  the Specter by imyouknowwho


Ok here is a picture of akihisa from a possible fanfiction. 

His family thinking a change of view would do him so good sends him off to his uncle in the Unite states his mother's brother Thomas Fenton. 

thomas is a ghost hunter and to Akihsia's shock is uncle was A host parent for a foreign estrange student  Yuuko!

and one day he was go nand Akihsia was messing around in his uncle's lab with Yuuko who believed ghost were bull crap but that changed when a lighting stick hit his uncles unfinsihed portal to the ghost zone opening it and sending a bolt of ecto-charged lighting at yuuko

Akihsia jumped in the way to save yuuko and became  a half ghost, which is all that saved him and yuuko when the first ghost a vengeful spirit came from the portal! 

At that moment Akihisa's life was changed for ever after he could tell anyone he what happened no one would believe him and if they did they would want to cut him open after all he wasn't alive, he wasn't dead he wasn't a ghost he wasn't a human. 

with Yuuko be his side he soon settled into the role of protector of mankind from the supernatural. 

Akihisa has all the Canon powers of Danny from his stay in the USA, plus Mimicry allowing him to learn how to use powers from behind hit by them, or gaining poers by behind hit by them. 

He's signature   power red ghostly lighting which feels all of his attacks.

Akihisa looks more like a ghost in his ghost form because of the lighting turbo charging the portal when it jump started it, giving him more ecto-plasma  then Danny ever head leading to some of his ghost forms  Features remaining in his human form.

You can see from the picture in the corner of Akihsia in human form  his ghost forms fangs  remain in human form, as do the black lines under his eyes making him look sleepy, his eyes also always give off a faint you would miss it if you weren't looking close glow.  Finally he also has a white strike in his hair. 
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IDontKnowAboutToday Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2015
I like the picture in the top right corner lol.
imyouknowwho Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2015
thanks I was beginning to think no one would notice it. 
jctdragonwarrior Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2015
how hard wode it be for him to hide his secret idenanty?
imyouknowwho Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2015
 as bout as hard as it was for danny, and  you know how easy he hide it,  and if he didn't go now or never at the end of phantom planet he would have kept his identity secret.  also would is w o u l d not w o d e 
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October 30, 2015
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