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Akihisa Yoshii. The mad hatter. by imyouknowwho Akihisa Yoshii. The mad hatter. by imyouknowwho
orignal base…

Baka and test / wonderland story idea.

in this story concept after Losing to class A. His friends blamed him for it and took their anger out on him. I drove him a little mad. 

so he ran tell he ran into a strange mirror in the school and found him self through the looking class in wonderland. Where he learned the fair tail is true. And some times creatures in wonderland go to mad to stay and vanish into human world and become wonderland monsters.

and sense his home town is where the looking glass is all of those monsters  are in his town. So by order of the ruling princess who her self is the grand daughter of the original Alice made him the mad hatter. 

you see the Mad hatter is Basically the judge, Jury and executioner of any monster in the human world that came from wonderland. 

So Now Akihisa has magic powers most of which come from his hat.

His power list is as follows.

His hat can redirect attacks that go inside of it allowing it to be used as a magic shield.

He can pull anything he can think of out of the hat. 

His hat can appear and disappear out of thin air at his will. 

He his out fit transforms into his mad hatter cloths when he puts on his hat. and back to normal when he takes the hat off.

He has magic ropes made of tied together fabric that are so strong it would take something super strong awhile to brake them.

He can also use a super strong right hook attack he calls rocket right.

he also has weapons like his cane. Sorry it's not in the picture. . It looks like a magician's wand wand with a ruby in the top. 

the cane can morph into a spear with a head that looks like a playing card red diamond symbol. A club shaped like playing card club symbol. a sword in the shape of a spade. and an ax that's head is shaded like a backwards facing heart. 

His cane in it's base form can also open up portals to wonderland by drawing a door. 

The cane like the hat can also vanish and appear with his will.

For range he has card that work like throwing stars. The cards are strong enough to cute through steel.

His final tool is his pocket watch phone. It looks like a golden pocket watch. But by hitting the numbers on the clock face it allows him to make phone calls.  It also alerts him to wonderland monsters. And is used by his friends in wonderland to contact him.

His change in to the mad hatter effected  aki's personality. He now has a love of fairy tales. Loves tea. Is Delightfully offbeat. and he has gotten smarter. Having test scores that average out to class d rank.  And he nolonger takes abuse from the fff or Minami.

Wonderland monsters can only be killed by cutting off their heads so when he does he says. " AS the mad hatter I say OFF 

Other facts about this take on him is he has made friends with Kubo and Miharu they know about wonderland and join Aki in his fights as side kicks. after all the mad hatter can have up to four helpers each with wonderland magic based of the four suits in a deck of cards.

Also on his team is Yuuko who much to the horror of hideyoshi is now dating  Our mad hatter. 

Akihisa and Yuuko got together over a shared love of fairy tales and him saving her from a monster.

If you like this story idea i might just continue it.
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September 7, 2014
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