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Akihisa Quinx  profile by imyouknowwho Akihisa Quinx  profile by imyouknowwho

after the ghoul auction raid the former Quinx squad now calling themselves the hybrid horde to read to Touka and café re.

to get new cloths and mask, Akihisa chose a purple leather copy of Kaneki's.

But here he is in his new leather outfit on the buildings roof ready for battle.

Now as this is a profile.

before his kidnapping and forced transformation into a Quinx  and brainwashing he was a happy high school student who won't hurt a fly or fight back to save his soul with a happy hidden relationship with his girlfriend Yuuko. Who looked up to the doves

Now with his mind restored thanks to not taking the drugs he is an angry brutal fighting force who hates doves for what they did to him. He's become smart planning and cleaver heading his enemies in to traps so he can use his Kagune to restrain them long enough for him to bite out there throats, be the enemy human or ghoul.

now while he hates doves for taking him away from his happy life he views them as the same as ghouls.

Akihisa's world view can be explained as with the following quote.  "I use to think the doves were the good guys and ghouls the bad guy. But they took away my humanity and mind, and now that I have the letter back I've been thinking for once in my life. the Doves use the same plans as ghouls setting traps to capture prey killing the prey and making hybrids to better hunt the prey. I've meet Ghouls more find and friendly then any human being. and I've seen doves kill humans to try and get at ghouls. it all adds up to there being no good guys or bad guys, just predator vs prey. Each killing and hurting each other and there own using the same mad plans to destroy the other. So in the end when all is said and done we are all the same"

Akihisa's views on himself and his team are the following. " with that being said there is us the prey area. Not predator not prey, yet both sides want us? do you know why? both sides want hybrids to better hide among the enemy to kill the other when there backs are turned. Now while that may work at first thought has anyone stopped to think, if both sides continue to make there own also one of the other there will be no ghouls there will be no humans, just use the hyrbids  the faces of the future."

the only think about him that hasn't changed is his feelings for Yuuko, and now that she and her twin are with them to keep save From ghouls who want them to be launch and doves who want them dead for knowing to much about the secret Quinx project, He hopes to reconnect with her to go back to being a couple after all he just wants to keep her safe, and it's not his fault he was captured and turned into a monster.

Akihisa's quite on this subject is, "So what if my kisses always taste like blood now, I'm still me. I'm still Akihisa I've just become what my captures want me to become what they call a "Monster!" I call it evolved past this black and white war between Ghouls and humans."
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jctdragonwarrior Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2016
so he hates doves and Ghouls
imyouknowwho Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2016
basicly he hates any enemy following his there's only predator and prey (and humans and ghoul are fighting for predator title) so he follows law of the wild stay with your group and kill any enemy group who dare attack you or move into your territory.
jctdragonwarrior Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2016
virtuafighter49 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2016
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