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Disney Castle Dock Icon

Incase you havent noticed Im a Disney fan! To celebrate their 50 years of bringing magic into our lives I created a dock icon just for you all.

It comes with 3 variations and the stock image I used. I was planning on releasing the .psd file so you can modify your own changes but I decided to wait. Mainly to see how many people comment and how many download.

Please comment I been working on this icon for a long time now. Don't just download (leech) It only takes a few seconds to comment.

LEECHING IS BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH... It makes the magic die!!
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i wont make a picture from this  - sorry for my english
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very creative. Thank you
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Hermosos me encantaron..
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So glad to have come across this! Going to see how it looks cause I'm not liking how it looks in the preview ;A; sorry ;A; still, this is amazing!
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This is AWESOME! I've been a Disney fan since I was a little kid! Nice Work! :D
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love your work great job
love your work
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This is PERFECT for my Project here on deviantART and I sincerely THANK YOU for creating it for us!
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Love it! I'm downloading it now. I can't wait to go to Disney next year!
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Great one. Although, I'm not downloading this...cause I think this icon can be improved much more than it is...but still great one...
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Love love love this!!!!
For the magic of it all ... I'm a "newbie Deviant" and always try very hard to reply to anything I come in to snag for my own enjoyment ... altho sometimes I admit ... such as last night ... by the time I was finished "ewwing" and "ahhing" at so many beautiful pictures and wonderful icons ... even I becan "slagging off" ... and even now ... I'm still dragging ..... but "Disney always brings out the magic" ...


God Bless and "thank you"!

How I wish "I" could create .... Smile!
Awesome icon. I work for Disney. Wish people would post more Disney stuff.
Hey, thanks for this. I would like to ask for your permission to use it on my cell phohe ... ;)
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Amazing! I really don't know how to use it (I mean,there's nothing on my dockbar that fits with the Disney Castle...) but, as a Disney fan as I am, I HAVE to put it somewhere!. Thanks!
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