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December 21, 2010
Spirit by *IMustBeDead
The suggester writes: "I think it was a great idea to take this photograph, and it makes me kind of sad that there are photographers who rejected turning this idea into a great picture like this. I live in Germany and todays youth uses the word 'schwul' (gay) as a swearword. I can't even tell you how mad this makes me."
Also Suggested by: ~Whes, ~checkered-flames, ~Nimindil, ~kokabeel, ~only-the-strong, ~Kyuu-Desu, ~MelodySoul, ~ReachForTheStarfish, and *kapieren
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Suggested by HakuGen
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By IMustBeDead
Zach came to me with this idea and said the he had asked a couple photographers and they didn't want to do it. I am not sure why since I thought it was a pretty good idea and relevant to the times, so I told him to start getting it ready.

I think it came out well and is great that we were able to get the message across in a simple format and in one single image.

Spread the word yo.


Edit >>> Got a DD for this. Crazy. Thank you for everyone who suggested it, and even those who just commented. This is my 5th DD, and I strive to try new things and concepts that are worthy of them, so it is always awesome to see that work come to fruition.

Thank you everyone.

Image details
Image size
3744x5616px 19.18 MB
Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Shutter Speed
1/125 second
Focal Length
67 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Dec 9, 2010, 6:26:39 AM
Sensor Size
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onehitpoint's avatar
This is beutiful and powerful x)
TalyNH's avatar
awesome job! 
red10002's avatar
*stand really far back* gayyyyyyy *run away*
akaCaitlinne's avatar
Wow, amazing idea and great photograph.
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In this world there's war, famine, disease, murder and crime, and if Same-Sex Marriage is where your god draws the line then your god needs to GROW THE FUCK UP.:icontruestoryplz:
onehitpoint's avatar
Oh shit that comment is old ignore me xD
AlexiaJane's avatar
This is absolutely amazing
TheLonelyGurl's avatar
This is beautiful. I understood the message clearly of course, and it draws the eye.
Horror-of-Pavlov's avatar
This is simply amazing. The dark background makes the colours pop. The message is clear and meaningful. Amazing.
BOYKINS's avatar
you've been featured in my deviantart journal[link]
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This is really powerful~! Amazing job!!
magical-girl-hikaru's avatar
this is so beautiful and so moving <3
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UNA VEZ QUE HAS INICIADO LEYENDO ESTO USTED NO PUEDE SALIR! LÉELO SI NO QUIERES MORIR. .......Hace muchos años, una chica llamada Kathy fue odiada por todo el mundo, todo el mundo. Ella intento ser graciosa, divertida, pero fue ignorada. Incluso por mensajes,incluso sus padres. Un día, ella decidió suicidarse. Ella saltó de su ventana, nadie notó q había muerto..Hasta que empezaron a desaparecer personas. Kathy les había embrujado, ella les hizo sufrir,como lo hicieron con ella. Ella los apuñalo lentamente, los golpeo rápidamente y les colgó lentamente,por lo que pudieran sufrir como ella lo hizo. Si no envía este mensaje a 20 diferentes fotos de páginas, Kathy matara esta noche a toda su familia, y usted sera el ultimo. Por que ella considera que le ignora. Ejemplo 1: Dave miró la primera frase y dijo, "Spam" y al día siguiente los vecinos lo encontraron en su patio trasero, muerto. Ejemplo 2: Joane estaba sola, ella no tenía esposo.Pero tenía muchos amigos. Cuando ella tenía un dormitorio con ellos rápidamente tuvo que revisar su correo electrónico.Ella vio este mensaje y envío solo a 6 personas porque pensó que ella no podía morir esa noche porque estaba rodeada de gente. Amigos de Joane a la mañana siguiente la encontraron en su bañera, muerta. Si no envía esto, KATHY te ENCONTRARA
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Oh my god, I beg for forgiveness, my little cousin was here seeing pictures and probably someone send her that chain, I hate them, I'm really sorry, ignore it, sorry again :/
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The photography caught my eye, no doubt. I've been involved in this Civil Rights movement for 25 long years. However, it seems to me more conceptionally correct, the people who are losing this war, the conservatives, are abandoning American patriotism. I'm a patriot. I love America and we've long survived worse than this. I'd love to see an uplifting, courageous spirit concept. Dude catching the flag that some Beaver-Clever haters are dropping to the ground, him dashing to get under it before it falls. We who fight with our emails, letters, petitions, votes and money ARE heros.
IMustBeDead's avatar
now you gotta go take a photo with these ideas.
This is truly inspiring!! Thanks for trying to spread the word and bring just a little more happiness and acceptance into the world
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This is an amazing photo with a great message behind it :tighthug:
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Love this well done :)
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