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I guess when you are young, forever is too long.

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LOVE the concept!!
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Love this one so much!!
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Great perspective! Love it. Wonderful idea!!
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love love love the composition of this shot. very interesting.
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Hey, you've been featured here. :dance:
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I love the framing and how everything comes together so seamlessly!
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What a great point of view!
I admit I don't understand this picture.
I like it very much, the clothing, the angle, the contrast of colors.
Even the focus.
Just with your caption... What does it mean?
The female (I'm assuming the person in front is female) has her back turned to the male (I'm assuming the person with the briefcase is a male) walks away.
Why would forever be too long when one is young?
When one is young, the cliche is that forever is too short.
This picture makes me think.
Favorite :]
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how old are you?
Does that matter?
If I were 12 or 300, I'd still have the same confusion.
Forever being too long opposes the cliche.
Is that what you were going for?
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yes it matters.

I've never heard forever is too short let alone it being a cliche.
My sister has made me watch a million too many chick-flicks.
Two lovers claiming they'd love eachother forever and forever not being long enough seems to be a theme.
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Oh this is really beautiful sad one is the one leaving one that left or got cast away.. Those buttons are cute<3
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love that work <3
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Can I use this in a project for a class? I won't take credit for it or anything.
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sure use it. You can take credit also, scare everyone else in class.
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