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Inception Cinemagraph

So this has been a little secret project of mine, to come up with movie poster ideas set into Cinemagraphs. I think they can be a really big deal and change advertising if done right. Imagine walking into the theater and seeing a lot of really well done pieces of art set to movies like this. It would be really fun to watch. So whether this is something you think is cool or not, here is my first go at trying this out.

- Framed Art Prints
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totally!!! you are on the gold mine my friend. Im just starting these out myself!! Great job!!! 
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This is a neat Cinemagraph IMstBeDead, hey I'm part of a team creating a digital display to show off cinemagraphs/animations like this one or other art, digital art, animations etc.  Not sure if you are interested, but if you get a chance come check out our kickstarter…
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yea i heard about some of these, be fun to get my hands on some sometime.
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yeah IMustBeDead I have a few on my walls displaying some of my 3D art and photographs with a few gifs mixed in, its pretty cool.  We hope to start up an art marketplace too in time so artists can sell their gifs, or art for the frames.  Thanks for checking it out. 
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have you seen my gif album?  I'm hoping to push screens with my work on like you talk about it soon. Maybe signature series screens with all my gif art on it loaded already.
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That would be cool I saw you went to burning man are you in SF.  We might try to do a show or shows like that in time with artists but for now as long as the kickstarter is going we are doing that and keeping frames similar looking for the most part.  That might be a cool idea though for later on, artists can even laser etch designs around their frames like laser wood cutting its pretty sweet then the screens would have art on them preloaded, so it would all be artist related, of course it would cost a bit more but who knows maybe that will work if we see enough interest and get sme more funding. 
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Yea man keep in touch about that, I would love to talk to you guys about doing an artist series, I know I could get a lot of my people to buy them, and it would be a totally new way or selling art that isn't done yet.

I am in Phoenix, but travel to SF occasionally, I will be there late october/early november if yall wanna meet up.
Wow this is amazing! Our psychology club is having a movie night and were showing Inception so I was wondering if we could possibly use this as our flyer to promote it?
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sure let me know how it goes.
Absolutely brilliant!
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This already exists. It's called a Flixel :)
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im not sure what you are saying.
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Nice, is this your own spinning top and hand ? I also create cinemagraphs, but not from/for movies, they are just animated photographies.
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This is amazing :D
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Woah. I wish I had thought of this. Awesome work.
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Best inception art ever!

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Really awesome idea and I think you've executed it perfectly!
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But these are hard to produce in bigger scale/higher resolution right?
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no the hard part if filming them with this reason in mind, not equipment. They are extremely difficult technique wise.
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It's very well done and I hope to see more if you ever do make more!
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Very cool idea. You should push it to companies. Make them use you before other people start copying.
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I'm a bad business man prolly not gonna happen lol.
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