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Full View if you don't want me to come murder your first born child. And if you're first born child has already been murdered, then I will settle for popping your tires.

So I end up going threw old photos a lot.

This was such a cool photo shoot that I am always tempted to just upload all the pictures from it, since they were all awesome.

I wouldn't be surprised if another one shows up on here someday.

Anyways she looked really spooky against the white house backdrop and I just thought it had a lot of depth and someone on here might appreciate it.

P.S don't make me a serial baby killer. Full View.

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This is really good. I like the glow around the person.
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:bulletblack: May I please use this picture as a reference to draw a picture, I would be most pleased to have your permission and I would credit you properly; of course.
:bulletred: This photo has so much depth and mysteriousness about it, I am compelled to make a drawing with it's roots.

:bulletblack: Please let me know your decision: Thank you, Sincerely ~Nemesis :devil:
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Nemesis-of-the-Gods's avatar
It's a bit rough, but Finished. [link]
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pretty neato job there. I like that.
Nemesis-of-the-Gods's avatar
Thank you!

I am glad to hear that you approve. =D
Nemesis-of-the-Gods's avatar
Thank you so very much! I will post a link of my final product here then, for you to see =]
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oldie but a goodie.

Came out like this by mistake mostly.
neez-the-evil-one's avatar
well, it was one of those mistakes you just gotta love.
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this is amazing, man! :love:
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This photo has a really dark and mysterious atmosphere... I think it's one of your more interesting works :D
VarulvBlod's avatar
Beautiful. I love the dark atmosphere and the black and white tones! She looks forsaken somehow, like she's lost someone really important to her, and now feels nothing but emptiness...
PutYourBraveFaceOn's avatar
Awesome. Good work. :thumbsup:
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Well i stumbled across this thinking it was a charcoal. But for a photo its amazing. The harsh contrast has made this very gritty and dark. Plus like you said the white house in the background makes it spooky and well a good balance against the black.

:D Fantastic
IMustBeDead's avatar
thanks. I still like this photo a lot even though it's my early stuff.
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I think it will be one of your all time best ;)
22xbucketheadx22's avatar
Amazing capture. I love the grim feeling, and the black and white is well, just amazing
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Mmm, it really looks spooky! :D I like the photo! :)
Brttnybr08's avatar
I didn't notice this shot before. Very creepy but totally awesome. ^-^
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