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I've been playing a bit of Wario Land lately. It's been one of my favorite series for years, there's just everything to love about it. Branching level design, new powers through exploration. Secrets absolutely everywhere. Every game having a unique but likable setting. The whole series also had a bizarre beginning, by starting out as a mario game being made by a non-Miyamoto team. Then deciding that the villain was more interesting and making a game out of that.

I can't express how much I love Wario as a character though. He is literally the villain. He's an obese, stinking bastard that does nothing but steal from from people and beat them up for good messure. The times he does something worthwhile is simply because it's in the way of more loot. And yet, he's so freaking happy about it. Love the guy.

It's too bad they stopped the series after "Shake it" for the Wii. Poor sales from "Master of Disguise" probably put them off. I still say take the original team off WarioWare games for a second and make another great game. And if they won't... give the lisence to me. I'll do it!

For this one, I tried to emulate the style used for the original covers. The fact that Wario has the same pose as the original Wario Land 1 cover was honestly a complete coincidence. This is referencing the first game, so I game Captain Syrup her original colors. I realise Wario didn't wear his plumber's hat at all in the first game, but i kind of wanted to do a classic Wario.

Anyway, fun little project. Enjoy!
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Great work! I also love the Wario Land Series. It reeks personality and charm. Wario Land 3 is my favorite. The perfect balance of challenge and fun gameplay puzzles. It’s also responsible for making Wario my second favorite Mario character(Next to Luigi). Some of my favorite lines from him are:

“i hate you...”

“I’ma Wario, I’MA GONNA WEEN.”

He is such a contrast from the Happy go lucky Mario characters. He’s so greedy and only cares about himself, and that’s what makes him so great.
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Grrrrrrreed is gooooood! Awesome work here
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"Wahahaha! I got your money, bitch!"
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Very nice, you really did the "Wario Land" series justice. :D I like how you included a few Gooms in the picture to, and Mount Teapot in the background. Took me a moment to notice the bloated Genie was in the background to. (Nice touch obscuring his face.)
I also like how you gave Wario + sign teeth, like some characters had in old Nintendo artwork. I miss that style of teeth.

And yeah, while I love the "Wario Ware Inc." mini-game series, I hope they make another Wario Land game someday. "Shake it" had great hand-drawn graphics, and animations. Shame it didn't do to well. (I think some people aren't willing to pay 50 bucks for a 2D game anymore. If they rereleased it as a "Players Choice" game for $20, it might sell better. Worked for the GameCube Sonic games.)
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Glad someone other than me loved Shake It! I'm a huge fan of his games since they represent the experimental side of Nintendo! Oh... and make sure to play the Rhythm Heaven series, the WarioWare team went on to make those games!

Keep up the great work dude!
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I've wanted to pick up Rythm Heaven for a while, though work is keeping me from playing much lately. I do wish they would set aside some time to create something more expanded with the Wario team, since I know how talented they are. They've been doing minigame-games for a while now. I'm sure they would love a challenge.
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Been ages since I played this....
S'm great work here! Does remind me of the game's style.
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For the first game in the Wario Land series, it wasn't too bad. The rest of of them were amazing and highly enjoyable, though.

I'm glad I was able to get them off of the 3DS shop! I can't wait until they release Wario Land 3 because I haven't played that game in years!
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I've played them several times lately. I kind of wish they would consider putting some proper effort into a new game. The past installments have all been licensed to other developers. Either they need someone to supervise, or they should have an internal team do it.
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Well, Shake It was a solid title in the series. It lacked a few things, such as the changes Wario goes through, but it was fun to play.
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I love this!
I also love the early Wario Land games and I think Shake Dimension was an amazing return to form - I've always said I'd love to see the first two Wario Lands remade in the Shake style!

Then this picture is a wonderful homage! You emulated the style really well, and it's also rare to see artwork of Syrup's genie, though he certainly has an air of mystery about him here!
Excellent work!
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Personally, I'd love them to do play around with the concept a bit more. Shake was nice, but it lacked the debth of previous titles. Something along the lines of Wario Land 3 would be interesting.

I guess most people forget about the genie. While he wasn't a major character in the same sense as Syrup or the hunt for the giant gold statue, he was what the whole game ended on and what made Syrup's plot twist interesting, so I had to put him in there somewhere.
You're amazing man. needs your skills for the logo/banner.
Sent you a message! :)
Awesome, Awesome. I'm liking the colors, the lines, very awesome work. +10 for Captain Syrup.
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Very cool art of WarioLand. :thumbsup:
It's bring back some good memories when I was a kid. :) :heart:
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Wow! Very nice!
We need another Wario game and fast!
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Hell, I'd make one if they'd let me.
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I'm crying from joy right now!!!
Amazing job :D:D:D
I love the way you draw the evil genie and the Mt.Teapot :P
Right now, I'm making the Wario Land World Map (Kitchen Island)
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Had to include the genie in some way. While the original game's plot (from what I understand) was about stealing a giant peach statue being hogged by pirates, the lamp and the genie was the brilliant twist to the whole ordeal, and made all the secrets and collecting completely worth it.

(Incidentally, I've sketched up some custom maps of my own, but I doubt I'll have time to finish them right now)
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awesome work :)

it's been a while since I played Wario

definitely more fun then Mario
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I've been on a bit of a binge lately. While I appretiate Mario games, I do feel like people are missing out on something great with the Wario Land series being stuffed on a shelf.
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