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Slasher Bug

By Imson
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Alright everyone. It's that time again.

I've splattered some color down and somehow, within the next who knows how long, I'm going to interpret something out of this and create a painting.

Everyone is free to make their own guesses, and then we'll see what it turns into at the end.

Be sure to check back soon!



Time for the final version of my scribble.

I wasn't sure what it should be, only that that it looked like there was a sword. And with swords came clarity. And by clarity I mean a galactic ladybug-knight slashing through sentient meteors while being chased by a planet-sized spike monster. I feel like I could use that sentence to sum up my life really.

After some minor tweaks I really enjoyed the colors in this one. The focus point was well defined from the start so I didn't have to worry about clouding it with details.

I've missed doing these. I'm considering making this into a community event, though I'll have to gague what people's reaction is first. We'll see.

For now, enjoy!

[link] to the original in case you're curious.
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This guy... could be a hero of his own video game wherein he protects his space hive thing from that thing in the backround and much, much worse things. At least he looks like he could. Or maybe she. That stuff gets weird with insects.
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Watch out! :iconodeeart: is a known art thief! He will use your pics, WHETHER YOU LET HIM OR NOT! HE WILL NOT CREDIT YOU! Consider yourself warned from a fellow victim! He has faved this, meaning he is probably planing on using it!
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I'd watch watch the shit out of an anime based on this guy. 
Hey Imson,
I stumbled upon your art after becoming a fan of Savants music and i found the album covers you did really awesome.
I particularely like this picture and as it happens im looking for something to hang on my wall ;)
Is there any way to get an HD version of this, so i can print it out on like, lets say A2 or something ?

Anyway, great work, greetings from Germany
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WOW, that's a huge, awesome shift from scribble to final! It's got a Gradius vibe, or some other kind of shooter like Sin and Punishment.
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Really Powerful Painting :D:D:D:D
Epic Work !!!!
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Duuude! alla this is sick, do u really do savants album artwork? i met you thru him, a big fan of both ^_^
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Concept for your next game title!
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I do have concepts for my next game, but this isn't it (Though I could see this being a fun weekend project though.) We've been working on Owlboy so long now that I'm just itching to get the concepts out there.
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HAhahahaa omfg AWESOME!
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dem colors dat presentation -oozes rainbows-
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Looks like we've got a victim of plural-spectrum dilation with signs of chronic palette excretion. A strict diet of monochrome is advised, though the victim is likely to seek out stimuli if unattended.
Chrono-King's avatar
-mumbles the word art as he grovels on the ground in pain-
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Well damn, that was unexpected.
Imson's avatar
Everything went according to plan.
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That is soo awesome!
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Looooove the final result!!!!
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I'm actually fairly happy with it. That's pretty rare.
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:milk: Manly drinks!
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får meg til å tenke på gamle spill cover. en slags merkelig blanding mellom castlevania, Rocket knight adventures og en eller annen mech anime.
fett ble det ivertfall
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Alle favorittene mine i ett med andre ord. Ah Rocket Knight... Skulle ønske de lagde et nytt der de beholdt kunststilen men ga en bedre kontroll. Ah well.
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haha. minner meg på at etterhvert kom vi oss ikke forbi første bane siden kontrollene var så slitt at vi ikke kunne booste på skrå.
saddest day of my life...
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