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Mighty Numbers

While displaying Owlboy at PAX Prime this year, I sadly didn't have the chance to attend Keijii Inafune's panel on his career and future. That also meant I found out about his announcement of Mighty No.9 until the day after.

I've been a fan of Megaman since my family first rented Megaman 3 for the NES. In fact, a lot of the reason I learned how to draw was because I was constantly doodling the characters. After all the cancellations lately, in addition to feeling increasingly like people don't make the types of games I enjoy, Comcept's kickstarter collaboration with Inti Creates to make a spiritual successor to Megaman was like a mini christmas while trying to man our PAX 10 booth at the same time. Having a few days off after the conference, I knew I had to draw something to rally support, so this is what happened.

The boss designs remind me a bit of Battle Network/EXE. A series few I know have played, but I always found the way the characters were redesigned to be fantastic, so naturally I had to draw number 6 as he has that same spice to him. (That, and freaking helicopter robots!) It was fun to just relax with some linework and test some shading options. Haven't done that enough lately.

If you want to back these guys, head over here:… At the time of writing they're still pushing towards console releases.



Wallpaper version can be found here: 1970 x 1212. Leave a comment if you need a different size.
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Amazing artwork, trash game.
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Hello, I am just curious about how you felt about the game now that it has been out awhile. Despite hearing plenty of negative reviews and never playing a Mega Man game before I enjoyed the game immensely. It has become my favorite game and I am currently looking at all games like it to enjoy because of it. Sadly it seems a sequel may have been killed off by the negativity.
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Awesome piece + favorite Mighty (no. 6)
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I like how this has been used over and over on news articles and videos regarding the game. And rightly so, because this is beyond awesome. Been using it as my PS3 wallpaper for some time now :D
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nice details and this has such great suspense
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This game is going to be awesom. I pledged 20 dollars when the kickstarter was up. Still wish I could doo more, but We know they have all goals cleared. I am just thrilled!
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That's a great style and shading given the subject matter; it really gives a sense of, er, naturalcy?, to the movements. I'm sold.
Mace66VW's avatar
Utterly brilliant. Nice work!
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Amazing work!!:dance:
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Just amazing, that's it.
ancode's avatar
woah! awesome work!
Zurashii's avatar
Simply magnificent.
UnluckyThatsMe's avatar
Awesome, this is so action packed! It's so fun to see all the Mighty No. 9 love.
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Nice one! You nailed it. Just caught this on the latest update from kickstarter. Yours was the best pic in the update!

Let's go mighty No. 9!

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I have no other words to describe this masterpiece!!!
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this is beyond perfect :love: 
thank you for the awesome work!! <3
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I plan to pledge some money to this! I'm not a super huge fan of the megaman series, but I do remember playing it and enjoying it. I would love to support someone willing to make a game that isn't just made to make money any day!! :D
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This game looks intense. I hope Inafune succeeds with this game. It looks beautiful and the soundtrack sounds kick butt.
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so beautiful, wow, and those colors and design, inspiring
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this is great!
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Ohh my~!!! It's amaaazing!! And No.6 is my favourite boss so far.
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!!! Oh snaps! Awesome picture and thanks for posting this, I would have never known about this.
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