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Mandolin Manolyn

By Imson
I suddenly realised that I haven't actally drawn my own characters from Owlboy in ages. This had to be dealt with.

The drawng actually started as a small sketch. I wa planning to do several, but watching Geddy being so captivated by Mandolyn, I couldn't help but give it a proper treatment. Hoping to do several of these in the future, these guys are surprisingly fun to draw.

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A humble fanart of Mandolyn I loved her so much
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I absolutely love the style you have going here. It looks like very high resolution pixel art, the way the colors are so well thought out and clustered.
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what software do you use? and do you use a drawing pad? i'd love to learn how to do stuff like this thanks :)
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amazing work, i'm expecting Owlboy so much! 
CheerySoundNinRoren's avatar
Very cool character designs and colors. :)
Moonsia-Chuu-Chuu's avatar
I really want to play owl boy! I love the character designs~
I'm also making games with a couple friends right now :)
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This is just extremely beautiful. As captivated as the listener in this piece.
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Still waiting for Owlboy to released...:(
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Believe me, we're still working on it. If I could release it today I would.
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Okay no problem man, looking forward to it. Thanks for the update.
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I like the right angles in the shading. Makes it look a bit like the characters have a pixel art texture. If you know what I mean.
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OST Cover: Complete
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I was actually considering that after it was complete. We'll see though. By the time the game is done, I'm sure I'll want to do something really intense for the final artworks.
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Which I'm certain you'll have no trouble producing. 

Can't wait! :)
I thought you guys had shelved development on Owlboy to work on other stuff, like Savant.
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Not by a longshot. Savant was a 5 week vacation game we did during the summer. Ended up taking extra time because of porting issues.

It would be madness to abandon something I've spent six years building.
Glad to hear it! Owlboy's always looked so very promising, looking forward to playing the final version!
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Looks great; certainly I'll be watching for more drawings and further along the game!
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Je viens de recevoir un code de carte PSN 50 € gratuitement ! Faites un essai, vous me remercierez plus tard! :)
>> <<  
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This makes me even more excited about Owlboy. :)
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The background is so cool! :o
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