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The Undersiders

My take on the gang from Wildbow's webseries 'Worm', that you can dive into here

A great read if you like young adult! Give it a few chapters; as much as you think you know where it's going, you really don't :D.
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is it possible to get this as a print?
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looking for someone to do some cover art for this fanfic:…

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My new Desktop Background <3
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Taylor doesn't look quite right, imo. Iirc, her mask covers her entire face and has a mandible looking piece over the mouth.

As for Grue, he could use some more darkness, but otherwise the piece is great.
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from left to right please?.... this is a real badass crew
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Imp, Regent, Tattletale, Skitter, Grue, B. Not sure which dogs those are supposed to be, though.
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acknowledged thanks
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Except for Grue this is pure awesome.

Grue is just really, really good. Needs more smoke I think, I dunno.

Daaarn, you draw incredible stuff.
I have to ask at this point. Is Taylor here modelled after some other piece of art? Every time I see this picture her pse, tilted head and goggles feel utterly familiar.
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I think it's my design sensibilities being pretty generic, looking at it now it looks kinda like antman.
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oh my god I thought they were cosplayers
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This looks so creepy... I absolutely love it!
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I'm currently reading this! Amazing art! :)
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Thanks! Would love to see your fanart for the series :D
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Oho, I will.. :D
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I love this fanart! I really like the nice touch of bugs around Skitter.
Though Rachel's dogs don't look very... ridable....:)
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Those dogs don't look like comfortable rides, but it looks good :D 
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this is so cool, i want to cry, its perfect
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Great work! This looks great!
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Wow, this is epic.
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Lovely work dude.
This whole thing is very impressively done. It shows a great deal of technical skill and a good understanding of the characters. The only two criticisms I have for the piece is that Skitter wears a full-face mask, and everyone's height is the same. Grue has a few inches on Skitter, and depending on exactly when in the story this is Skitter should have anything from one to four inches on Tattletale.
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