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Astroboy and Megaman

By ImRoGeR
My favorite characters from childhood
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buen trabajo, chori!
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I think I'm seeing double.
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:D !!!! ASTRO!! and mega man.. But still! THEY'RE SO GONNA BE FRIENDS!! :D :D... or not.. but ASTRO FOR THE WINN!! :D
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:) thanks for comment!
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nicely done. I too love these two characters. they are very iconic characters. it a shame though Capcom refusing to give us a new Megaman game.
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These two characters have more in common then they know!
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si creo que son demasiado parecidos los dos
ImRoGeR's avatar
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megaman's got quite a slouch going on there. correct your posture ma boy! ^0^
now that's a connection I never would've made myself :P
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Best 2 things to ever exist
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Great artwork!
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Awesome my fave robots :D never saw the astroboy cartoon but i did see megaman :D
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sometimes i think they based megaman off of astroboy
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that is a very common theory, but i have never been able to find any evidence of it beyond the obvious.
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maybe we'll find out cuz they look too similiar to eachother
KaikeKio-CH3's avatar
that is an awesome crossover...!!
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