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Gaia 09 for Snow Leopard

Gaia09 |  Preview for Mac OS X 10.6.
GUI Kit.

Everyone, including me is waiting for a skinning application for Snow Leopard. With this preview I would like to encourage every single coder to finish their tools as soon as you can.

I really would like to finish this design for Snow Leopard soon.

About the Gaia Project:

Two years ago a community of active and dedicated members came together to start a project with the aim to raise awareness for climate change. How though? The idea was to pick up the visitors at their current vantage point. And that is the interest in an appealing and innovative interface for their operating system.

For more details, please visit Gaia09

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how to add search on right panel ?
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wallpaper link ?
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Hello, your theme look wonderful, but I have a question, what's is Gaia09 or Gaia10 ?
Does it exist any working website about this...thing ?
Do you think you could make this theme for Windows7 ?

Sorry for disturbing, I was curious ;)
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Insane! Too bad it's NFR
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the link is broken. i just got themepark. please tell me how to modify windows D=
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Sorry for bothering you, but will this ever be released, or has it already been released?
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Man I really wish we could have this! =(
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awesome guikit, well, I hope someday ThemePark gets evolved and ready to use with no issues...

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i still think the design aspect of this is great, i use gaia on my vaio and i loved it
Are you going to release this soon? - How much is left? Looks so awesome!
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Is this still being developed?

I would love to have this for Snow Leopard.
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Very nice. I'm current working on a theme like this in the GNOME Shell/Linux world.
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Is this or will this be available for 10.5?
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I love the Gaia design and I cant wait for a release of this, hopefully these coders get their ass' into gear.
Only two things I don't like out of the millions of things I love. The forward and backward buttons don't seem to go very well with the overall theme imho. And the HIGHLighted bar with "Bilder" and "Vorschau" doesn't look very matching to me. But overall! Its of course amazing and the menubar is godly sexy and the bottom colored lines on the menus add so much! Hopefully we'll get to download this in the near future and show you how much it'll own the regular OS' Gui!
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so fking awesome, come on programerz lets do it!
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I support this! Great theme btw ;)
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i can't wait!!!!!
Is this project still running? I'm only new to skinning in snow leopard, or indeed on any mac, but some things I feel the need to point out are:

1. The rounded menubar won't work, because the menubar is a 1x18 ish size image repeated over again. To have the rounded menubar you would have to increase the width precisely, and It would only work in one resolution.

2. The lower rounded window corners might be hassle, because they are represented in the resource files as rounded but are actually straight corners, which has lead me to believe that the file is overwritten, and those curves only apply for the right click window and menubar drop-downs.

3. The replacement program labels on the dock may prove hard to trace, I haven't come agross the files yet... still searching.

4. The runners across the lower windows, (colour bars) will be difficult for the same reason as the menubar

As you can see there will be compromise with a project like this, and there may still be more difficulties, but I wish you luck in making this :)
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It's just simply awesome. DO WANT.
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isnt it possible to finish your work with themepark 4.1? its compatible with snowleopard.
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I´ve already started working on it! Just looking for a good co-worker to finish it! If you know someone who´s really precise and has good experience, I would be glad to hear from them!
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