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February 9, 2010
Here we can see an intelligent design, taking the personal characteristics of the author and brilliance in the way transmission of thought. Fueled with Smartness blends technology, comfort and the search for alternative energy sources, *imrik creates with its simple lines what we could say "a part of a perfect world".
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Fueled with Smartness

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Nice one..........Check of this. I hope u would like it

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Sorry for "of" instead of "out" by mistake i have written it.
awesome.thanks for sharing!
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This is now being featured at
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Nice work.
Anybody knows how to reduce the compression of the "png to jpg" procedure of Windows 7 when I set this as wallpaper? Thank you.
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Awesome Work! Great Wall! :thumbsup:
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this reminds me of an e.e. cummings, where the last bit says :
edible spry pinks shy lemons greens cool chocolates. under, a locomotive spouting violets
When i first read the poem, this is exactly what i pictured in my head. Bright colors and the simplicity is well placed. Good job!
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So beautiful! I find my eyes stuck tracing all those nice curves. Well done!
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Klasse arbeit wie immer :)
i really like this. small, simple, the way we all could live, if we wanted to make that choice.

this piece seems to make a statement about conservation, but perhaps I'm wrong? even so, the detail is concise, and pretty.

I think you might be interested in this even, based on the vibe i get from your work,

I'm sending out message to various artists on deviant whose work i think stands out and would love to see submit to our art contest. i know an art contest might seem a little weird, or not something that you're used to anyway, but hear me out.

the panel of judges we have is so rad (see below). and they're selecting the work submitted to be shown next to prominent modern artists such as Shepard Fairey, Barry McGee, Swoon, and many more.

if you're interested, you can check out the submission details [link]

and the panel of judges are:
Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
Shepard Fairey (Artist)
Annie Philbin (Dir. Hammer Museum)
Franklin Sirmans (Curator Contemporary Art, LACMA)
Ed Ruscha (Artist)
Lisa Love (Senior WC Editor, Vogue)
Edgar Arceneaux (Director, Watts House Project)
Rick Jacobs (Founder, Courage Campaign)
David Pagel (Art Critic, LA Times)
Lari Pittman (Artist)

well, i hope this message was able to convey my sincerity and feels hand crafted (which it is) and committed to helping others everywhere in the United States feel equal.

thanks for your time, i hope you're great.
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Dear Veronica,

thank you very much for your message! I am very happy and glad to hear about initiatives like Manifest Equality. I just went to your website, read through the idea, the blog and the participating people. Equal if it´s for private or client works, it´s always my aim to represent nature and international equality in my works. Because it´s one world and the only one we have :)

What a great idea! I just submitted my work to the contest. Looking forward to see the other artist´s works and the next steps!

Thank you again for inviting me and I look forward to talk to you soon!


thank you so much! I'm so so glad that the cause spoke to you. It's been so amazing reaching out to artists and viewing all the amzing work here on deviant and other blogs across the internet. Your work, and your repsonse, it means so much.

let me know if you ever have any questions or want to get in touch, veronica.reynolds at gmail dot com

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just perfect. can´t make it better.
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Hey congrats Marius! You already know how smart I think this is! :D
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I hate these cars more than most other cars but this is cute. Nice work.
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stunning graphics! very minimalistic and meaningful at the same time.
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so clean and simple :D
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I like it... its very pretty and eco-friendly.
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Really pretty c:
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It translates a whole spirit and desire to the 21st century. Congratualtions, colors and lines, just great!!!
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