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Colr. Zune HD

colr. | zune hd

A collection of wallpapers for the new Microsoft Zune HD media player. It´s such a great development in this product and so I wanted to share my work with and for it. Are you going to buy one of these once they come out?

[link] to download single wallpapers and for more details.

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ioOsSy's avatar
Amazing work!" ..

bongtoke420's avatar
the hd is awesome the only thing is that you cant use major apps like the ipod
anthonium's avatar
Great job. Looks incredible and definitely fits both the player's UI and default wallpapers that came with Windows 7.
mav3's avatar
Can you bump up the screen reso for this?
Saviourking120's avatar
iPod Touch version please!
danrh's avatar
I'm waiting my Zune, but I'll download this riiiight now
PunishSaki's avatar
My brother got its yesterday gonna show this to him. =)

But damn really wanna use that image as my wallpaper but too small. No chance of 1440x900?
Misplaced-Karma's avatar
bought my 32 gb model today; these look great; downloading now!
TinyLab's avatar
Saw it on Behance, looks totally sexy
TinyLab's avatar
Saw it on Behance, looks totaly sexy
tiagojacinto's avatar
Feels fresh, great work.
wantme234's avatar
awesome. great job.
I love zune:]
neil78b's avatar
I think that the zune is very poorly designed especially in comparison to that of apple, but it doesn't matter as I wouldn't be caught dead with one even if someone gave it to me, unless I wanted people to laugh in my face, lol.

Apple wins with no question with its design and functionality of all its products.
calebwye's avatar
what's the point of this comment? are you just a zune hater? and what's this with getting laughed at? i've never had any1 laugh at my zune hd, in fact, they're all wowed by it and say it's better than their itouch/iphone.
21stcenturyboy's avatar
Wow I like it. I think this new Zune HD will be my next walkman if I can buy it in France...
pete-aeiko's avatar
isnt that your desktopography piece? I dont understand, where will this be released?
imrik's avatar
It´s just for the preview mate :). No worries. I made this for persoanl use only. Great to have you back on the internet!
Jmorgan07's avatar
Clean and simple =)
lemontea's avatar
Clean. The ZuneHD looks pretty
Jacqueclaude's avatar
Marvellous work. Well done.
joaogil's avatar
looks nice, but always ipod>>>>>zune :D
aeroVolce's avatar
Looking awesome.
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