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Hi!I have a can i convert them to PNG i try with Photoshop but it didn't work i want to use them on my phone helppppp.
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I use this for some part of my android. Very cool design! But they are such low res when I download them. Possible to find higher res somewhere?
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Generally we never use 256x256!!
How I instal these icons on my pc? please!!
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Cool icons, and one question ¿where can I find the wall?
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This iconset is not alike any other, it's something totally unique.
Brilliant design that creates an environment of both futuristic and naturistic units, a mix of spaceships, alien alphabet, berries and flowers.
This iconset is very inspiring, and opens a door to a modern desktop.
10/10 for a deadly good set.
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your icons are always top tier. :)
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I wish you guys would make a whole IP theme with these, or maybe upload your theme the way you'll use it :P

Would be awesome :)
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veryn nice job
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How do I apply these? In the readme it says with Iconpackager but its not an iconpack.
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With IconPackager you can set icons for each program or for folders even if the icons are not in an icon pack. Just go to the other option tab in IconPackager and you can change each icon like how you want it to be. I hope it helps. Good luck ;)

Take care

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i like the background =D
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Thank you very much! It´s one of our wallpapers on ;)
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very nice, - yea, i will go over to check out.
you should submit to desktopography [link] the new series, note aeiko
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Thank you! Acutally Pete and i started with Desktopography. And yes, i hope i will be in for this years release. Thank you for the hint and enjoy the suite.
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very cool. did not know that. . . . congrats. look forward to seeing. ^_^
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Nice to see you have splitted them!
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These are brilliant Imrik :)
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wonderful shapes.
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